Error installing Call of Duty 2

Hey, I did a search and didn't find anything relevant so I'm starting a new thread.

I'm trying to install COD2 on my new laptop(specs in sig) and I get an error when the splash screen starts to come up.
It reads:
"Executable D:\setup\rsrc\cod2.exe had the following unrecoverable error:
Couldn't find library MSVCR80.dll (required by C:\PROGRA~1\COMMON~1\MICROS~1\OFFICE12\MSOXMLMF.dll)
Please ensure it is installed."

I've never seen this before and it didn't come up on trying to install it on my other computer. A google search said it's a missing windows fiel or something like that and I could download it, but I did and I still get the message. Any ideas? I put a question into Activision support as well, I'll post what they say when I get a response.
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  1. I found the same problem/message today. Tried to re-install it on same computer (where it ran before). Downloaded and installed the dll...and still won't install.
  2. That would be my first try, is to download the dll and retry the install. Could try a repair of windows as well.
  3. Sounds like you have a Beta version of Office installed, and COD2 is trying to write an XML file, which, thanks to the joy of Windows, ends up calling some Office DLL which is broken.
  4. Big duh; found my answer. Insert disc 1, open it up w/Explorer, find setup.exe. Click. Duh.
  5. i need help to instal call of duty 2 on my pc
  6. are you teer
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