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I had read some older reviews about R6:Vegas having problems with the mulitplayer part of the game. AS i was looking into buying the game i was hoping to hear from some fellow community members how the mulitplayer is for Rainbow Six Vegas. Also if theres a decent amount of game modes/type variations to keep me busy for a while. Also one final question is in regards to the number of people online, is there always a decent amount of people online/ severs going or is the game dead. Any input about Rainbow Six Vegas is very appreciated.

Thanks again!!!
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  1. I play this game with several of my friends and love it. It rocks!

    ...but it also has some big problems.

    1) Ubisoft doesn't appear to be supporting it anymore. Odd for a game that has been out for such a short time. They released some patches which haven't fixed all the bugs people have. They keep stringing people along that they're going to release a 1.06 patch to fix more stuff, but nobody knows when that is going to come out.

    2) The multiplayer interface has serious issues. Very little information is displayed about a server to help you choose. There is no stand alone dedicated server client, meaning there are fewer servers overall. Most of the time you can't even see what ping you're getting with a server before you jump in. There is no password protection for servers, so if you jump on a server that the host wants to be for friends only, you may sit and watch for 10 minutes only to get kicked off before the start of the next map. I've had that happen a lot, and it blows.

    3) The game doesn't seem to be set up for modding. I haven't seen any 3rd party maps, weapons, utilities, anything.

    There are a lot of positives though. Great single player, great team action if you have a group of friends or a clan to play with. Great graphics and sound. Best squad-based tactical shooter out right now, I think. I wish it were perfect, but I'll take what I can get for now.

    Hope that helps!
  2. Get it for single player but no one is EVER playing DM or TDM on multiplayer. You decide.
  3. Multiplater is practically dead.. there are like 3 good servers that are populated.... Other then that no one else to really play with.

    This game had so much potential, and just to be left to die like that from UBI's end made no sense to me.. The cover system was amazing, everyhting about it was amazing, except that no one plays it :(

    single player is fun... but u can only beat SP once.. then its like, ya seen this..
  4. This game had no potential granted it's a great game but NO high requirement tactical shooter will ever have full populated working servers on pc. turn of the century Counter Strike released it could be played on any piece of crap computer you can get your hands on. Best multi fps ever made. 2005 CS:S any fair pc will play it. Same content as CS 1.6 but still millions play it. BF2 is FULL 32v32 servers cuz it only needs a fair machine to run. GR:AW didn't work out. GR:AW2 didn't work out (It's fun to play on the few populated servers VERY fun) R6V didn't work out see a pattern? Crysis will propbably suck multiplayer too because I played the Beta... It's great graphics and great gamplay but when people actully talk they all say. "I maxxed it on out my gts!" "what are you running it on?" "I'm getting my 8800 GTS soon!"
  5. So, what you are saying is it has a lot of potential...just not the hardware base to bring that potential into being.

    I agree.
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