360 HD-DVD Player

$100 shipped (In the US, if outside we can discuss rates)

My 360 is broken and watching movies on the PC's 20" screen just isn't the same. Player comes in original box with usb wire/remote/and power cord.

*No movies included

I'm just gonna buy a set-top player so I can actually watch movies on my big screen again. I'm getting a ps3 too so I'll be covered on both fronts for the HD war :P. Here's a pic from right before christmas...

and a newer pic...

I'm a longtime member of Guru3d forums(3+ yrs/ 3.5k posts) and a trusted trader there(I'm UnclePappi, if you wanna look up my trader status the trade forum isn't visible until you have 30 posts) but selling non PC stuff is hard goings in the guru forums so I'm branching out. If I'd remember to ask for eval's I'd have about 10 in heatware but alas I always forget.

Any questions, feel free.
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  1. bump for new pic

    Sorry not in the market for headset's

    I'm getting my 360 fixed by MS so can't sell the DVD drive either. :(
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