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This is probably a very stupid question but I wanted to know if i bought a laptop with say a Amd Turion 64 x2 TL-50(2.00GHz) and the game i wanted to play says minimum requiresments is like 2.4 GHz does the game recognize the system as a dual core system or does it just see one and not load if it has one of those stupid system checkers???
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  1. don't worry it will work fine with that processor. i could run games that needed 2.4 ghz with my 1.8 ghz centrino laptop. but what graphics card have you got? that is probably more important.
  2. I was thinking a vidia 7600 256mb

    my other option was going with a Asus C90 with 2.4 C2D and the 8600 512mb
  3. Go for this one:

    It's sweet on accesories and performance. The only thing that bothers me is the 5200rpm HDD. But I'm coming from a desktop with two Raptor HDD in RAID 0 so sometimes i get frustrated with HDD acces times!! LOL
  4. If you are looking for a gaming laptop, check this:

    It lists most popular gaming laptops for your reference, by price
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