Which one is best for gaming "Optical or Laser!!!"

Ok I've seen alot of different mouse and keyboard's for gaming...i made up my mind for a keyboard now i need to know which is best for gaming and whats the difference...sorry im a noob. Opticla or laser and of course it cant be cordless. Ive heard Logitech G5 Laser Mouse is pretty good... what do you guys recommend?
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  1. G5 all the way, man. It's pretty awesome while playing BF2 and you can set game specific sensitivities with setpoint. I can really tell the difference with my friends MX518 and my G5 in tracking.
  2. you can't go wrong with the G5...changing your DPI on the fly, putting the weights in it so its perfectly balanced for how you play, ergonomics...it just can't be beat. some say the razor is better but i can't stand the ergonomics...the G5 is as close to mouse perfection as I have found.
  3. cool thnx guys...i do alot of CS:S...and ive also heard its more precise and thats what i need...so a G5 it is.
  4. buy me 1 while your there
  5. Optical or laser??? They are so 2 years ago!!!
    Get one of the new gravity flux field mice.
  6. I would also strongly suggest the G5. But if you like wireless, you can't go wrong with the G7. I love that mouse...
  7. I have a G5 and i love it, I defiantly recommend it :)
  8. I like the G5 as well. Aside from being precise, it can also filter out "Semantic Blockage" as discussed by Raliegh Theodore Sakers.
  9. I give a vote for the G5--I have one and it is exccellent--althoough I have found the Logitech software to be kinda quirky. Main prob was with the DPI changing feature which initially gave trouble, but with some tweaking seems to work o.k. now. The G5 feel and performance is top notch--I am using it for FPS games.
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