Great Xbox 360 4 player games?!?!?

I’ve got some family coming into town soon and we usually spend some time killing each other on the Xbox 360. I’m trying to find a newer game to have 4 players (Split screen). Any idea what I should get/rent?
A lot of the newer games don’t seem like they have split screen 4 player. I was thinking of FEAR but I didn’t know if that swears in the multiplayer mode? (I have already played the game on PC and Xbox 360). Any idea of a good Deathmatch Xbox 360 game?
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  1. Gears Of War (GOW) , Ghost Recon Advanced Warrior 1 or 2 (GRAW), Rainbow Six Vegas, Halo 1 or 2 are all great.
  2. From what I know Gears of war is only two players on one Console? I have GRAW 2, Is Rainbow Six Vegas 4 player on one console?
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