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Hi Everyone, I am trying to play a game that ive installed on my computer awhile ago but cant find my disc. It is battlefield 2 and requires the disc inside the cd drive to play. Im not wanting to go buy another disc until I have to. Now I know there is programs out there that trick or make your computer think the disc is inside your cd drive. Im just wondering what some of these are called and where I can find them. Thanks for your help
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  1. You can download an image and run it in a virtual drive. You have your CD key? find someone to copy the game from....

    Google a noCD or mini image(for alcohol120% or the cheaper 52%)....

    Anyway since this is a legal matter thats as far as i go.....
  2. Dude, just go to and type in the name of the game, in your case battlefield. From there, you can download a NO-CD/DVD crack which will allow you to play the game without the CD in drive. I must mention that this must be used STRICTLY and only if you own the original game (copyright laws and piracy related issues).
    Good luck mate.
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