Strange stutter problem, FPS ok.

Hi :)

I havent had much time for gaming recently but now i've started again im having a very strange problem with stuttering. The computer was freshly formatted last month, no junk installed and all (relevant) drivers up to date.

Its an E6300, 2gb pc6400, x1950pro with an LG226WTQ as my monitor.
Neither CPU or RAM usage reach near full load, temps are fine but this is my problem.

In both GTR2 and rFactor my framerates are >60, sometimes around 100 but there is a definate noticable stutter (not tearing) thats really distracting. I would try other games but im confident there is something wrong because ATI Tool's 3d window test reports >400fps but has quite a large stutter :(

What have I overlooked?

Help much appreciated
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  1. Sounds like a possible pagefile problem. Make sure that your pagefile is large enough and that you dont have any firewalls, or other programs causing problems with access.
  2. The pagefile is optimised but I fail to see how it could be related. Surely this is a driver / processing problem since even ATI Tool is having problems.
  3. Whats your power supply?
  4. Hiper 580W Modular.

    The problem has only started maybe 2 months ago and ive had the PSU 8 months.
    Im also experiencing screen tearing at <60fps in Bioshock and Tiger Woods 2008. Im stumped.
  5. Try changing the priority of the game to above normal in the task manager.
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