New World of WarCraft Expansion Unveiled

BlizzCon 2007 kicked off today and Blizzard wasted no time in pleasing World of WarCraft fans by announcing a second expansion pack called Wrath of the Lich King.
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  1. Hmm, hero classes after 3ish years when they were all but promised for release.. (well i supose i should say hero "class")

    its a step forward, but will "more of the same" keep those diehard fans intrested? I've played since beta and its hard to find a reason to log in anymore.
  2. I played WoW until I had 6 level 60 characters. Then I found what was a fatal flaw in the game. The only thing left to do was play "End Game" 20 or 40 man dungeon events which required a commitment of 4 to 6 hours and little or no reward 90% of the time. So I quit.

    Then I played Burning Crusade beta which added more levels and reduced the number of characters needed to do "End Game" dungeon events.

    Not good enough though for me to play.

    Maybe this future expansion will further reduce the prohibitive commitment of time and frustration (10% or less reward for your hours of commitment) when it arrives.
  3. Amen, Farrwalker. Blizzard sucks. The formula is:

    1) Walk 3 feet, kill something.
    2) Walk 3 feet, kill something.
    3) Walk 3 feet, kill something.

    Rinse and repeat until you're brain is numb. Where is the epic feeling that Diablo gave to players? And:
    - The rewards suck.
    - The pvp battle system sucks (can never get into an arena).
    - You have to join (with a group of idiots) to get anywhere. Smart, individual gameplay is not only not rewarded, but such gameplay will likely get you nerfed
    - Players build a character a certain way, only to have it nerfed by fools at Blizzard.
    - Blizzard dictates what you can name your character. They are the consummate thought police. And the game is much like communism, where individuality will get you nowhere - or less than nowhere.
    - The quests are numbingly repetitious.
    - The GMs are useless, and would otherwise be flipping hamburgers. The scripts they use make me want to go postal on Blizzard.
    - The toons suck. Who doesn't want to identify with their character? Oh, yeh. I can really identify with a friggen' cow. How stoopid.
    - The travel system is nerve racking. Who wants to sit in front of their computer watching a toon on a griffen for half the time, and then travel (walk or mounted) for the other half? Go to Ratchet... no go to UC, now go to Ungoro to turn that in... scratch that, find the wandering cow... This formula is meant as a time sink, like everything else in the design, yet people continue to shower Blizzard with their monthly fees... rewarding them for a pile of crap.

    Blizzard doesn't get it. They can BURN IN HELL!
  4. all i'm reading is the same crap i've played for 2 years.

    I like Lord of the Rings. The quests are different, fun, they really got something with the trait system and the game just came out. I'm only level 28 and still have plenty of gaming. Tons of different interesting quests to do. They really do a lot for people that just wants to solo and group with people they know. Raiding is not required to play the game. The story line epic quests are really fun.... i can go on. LOtRO has everything WoW wishes it had.

    I'm looking forward to AoC. I have a lifetime subscription with LOtRO.
    I'll likely stay away from WoW.

    Blizzard is getting old and getting old fast. I welcome Starcraft II since its only its second game. But honestly, how much warcraft, diablo, and starcraft can you absorb before getting bored? They need a creative team to design a new game that's interesting that is not part of the three worlds.

    that's my $.02
  5. The majority argument is sooo flawed. If 9 million people play it, it dosen't have to be good.
    I played wow quite a bit, had a rogue on the EU-Neptulon server, but in the end I realized I was spending way too much time with the game, and even when switched to casual rading from hardcore, I still had to follow a schedule so I could attend raids. The game has fun parts, I loved the PvP, world PvP that is, but since it was mostly lacking, I moved to LOTRO. PVE oriented gameplay, but it's more casual friednly and since I'm a huge Tolkien geek it's suited for me.
  6. I picked up this thread after reading "The Top 10 Games to Watch for 2008" -

    I have played WoW since it was released and now have mage (70), rogue (70), priest (60+), warrior (60+), hunter (60), druid (60), paladin (60), shaman (newbie) and I did enjoy the expansion TBC a lot. Mainly because the quest rewards are more relevant (even if they don't, they sell for good gold) and do not limit players having to farm the gears from countless dungeon runs. A lot lesser "fedex" type of quests without the need to travel to zones after zones just to complete certain quests. The quest givers and the quest targets are pretty close by as well. The mobs are more tightly packed with some having a patroling path making the gameplay more challenging. The dungeons are a lot shorter and can be completed in an hour or so. Compare all these improvements to the "old world", the first WoW expansion certainly brought joy to many old timers.

    Will this 2nd expansion take another quantum leap to further improve the game play? Blizzard has proven itself to listen to players' comments and to incorporate them in its own pace (e.g. mages have been screaming for some sort of invisibility spell for ages ... even the ability to summon elements ... these wish-list items have been somewhat answered ... also, people have been asking for further customerization of characters such as hairstyle and dance moves for years and looks like we are going to have it in this new expansion). It is still too early to speculate what kind of vast improvement will the new expansion gives forth. Perhaps loyal gamers will have to "keep the faith" for now.

    PS. Please don't flame me ... I am just a harmless WoW fanboi :)
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