FS 2 6800XT PCI Xpress - Dimension 8300 pc

Hello all,

I have these components I am trying to sell. Nothing is new nor high end but still works great, and I want to replace my 2 VC by a 8800. Help! feel my pain.....poor FPS on COD4 :lol:

2 - XFX GeForce 6800XT : $140
Have them on SLI, both work great, never OC'ed.
Original Boxes, books, cds,dvi cables and adaptators

Dell Dimension 8300 : $200

P4 3.0 Ghz, Northwood, Stepping 9, Revision D1.

Intel Chipset i875P Rev A.2
Intel Southbridge 82801EB

1.5 Gig DDR 400 MHz

GeForce FX 5200 128MB

CD burner added

Replaced Power supply 350W

Added a PCI Ethernet card (Ethernet fried on the motherboard)

Added PCI card 4 ports USB and 1 firewire.

Floppy disk drive

No hard drive included.

No OS.

Very flexible so dont be affraid to ask any question about product or prices! offers too!

I am in Athens Ohio so pick up or meeting can be a possibility if you are near.

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  1. Ill give you $45 for a 6800XT, seriously, lower your Price that 140 is nowhere near what these are worth and no one will buy em, say 45-55 dallors, that my suggestion if your really wanna sell those.
  2. Xazax310 is right. Those 6800xt cards are gimped 6800's to begin with. Not to say that they would be a horrible upgrade for someone with a lesser AGP card. But, they definately are not worth $140.
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