FS 775 Mobos/Cpus/HSF,PS/2 to USB,KMV Cable

Its been a while since ive been here But it still looks good.
I've got some NEW computer parts for sale.
All these parts WILL fit together. Further questions please post here or send a PM. Accept PayPal only
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[1] Aten PS/2 KVM Cable 1.8m $10+S/H(USED, works and looks new)

[1] IOGEAR USB to PS/2 adapter for keyboard/mouse $10+S/H(USED, works and looks new)

[2]FoxConn 865G7mf motherboards $40ea+S/H Socket 775

[5] Celeron D processors 326 2.53 MHz Socket 775 $30ea+s/h

[1] Dynatron P37G CPU coolers for Intel® Core™ 2 Extreme, Core™ 2 Duo, Selected Pentium® D Dual-Core and Pentium® 4 socket 775 for 1U server $20ea+s/h
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  1. PM sent...get back to me asap. thanks
  2. I'm interested in the MS Windows.
    How can I get in touch w/you?
  3. interested in WIN xp pro, pm?
  4. bumpity, everything still for sale
  5. update bump, new stuff
  6. bump
  7. bump
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