Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 (GRAW2) bug... help

Ok, I just installed GRAW2 and it's gorgeous! I love everything about the single-player game and I haven't gotten to play multi-player yet. Here's my problem... at the end of mission #2, the score screen comes up and the only option that I have to click on at the bottom is "Return to Menu". The "Next Mission" button is completely gone! When I click on the return to menu choice, it returns me back to the mission selection menu and doesn't advance into the next mission.
Is this a resolution issue (I'm at 1680x1050), where the score screen is messed up? The reason why I ask this is because at the end of the first mission, the two choices at the bottom of the score screen were overlapping on screen and I had to position my mouse VERY carefully over an area of about 5 pixels in order to get the "next mission" selection to highlight.
I've patched to 1.02 and it still hasn't fixed anything. HELP!!!!
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  1. I had the same problem.

    And a friend of mine the same :P

    The solution:
    Download a finished savegame and put it in your save games folder. If you can't find an savegame just PM me and ill send you mine over MSN or something.
  2. try with a different screen if you can (or setting your res differently)
  3. I actually figured this out. When you click on CAMPAIGN from the main menu, you have to click CONTINUE, not LOAD SAVED GAME if you load the saved game, it turns the game into a single-play mission instead of the campaign version. It's crap, because I think that if you LOAD a campaign saved game, it should stay in the campaign mode. Anyway, hopefully this helps others.

    BTW: just for anyone considering getting this game: DO IT! I can't rave enough about the single-player portion of the game. It's completely gorgeous to the eye and plays nicely on a non-bleeding edge systems. Interface is good (takes some time to get used to, but once you do, it's ON!) and the AI is definately a little lacking... (when is that NOT the case???), but completely playable. The bots do flank and go completely around your area to get you from the back, so it's got some edge to it. I say give it a shot and you won't be disappointed.
  4. Hi Fearex,,, Iwant the finished save game too.
    I have finished the #2 mission in "continue" and "play mission".. But still can't go to the next mission!!
    Please someone help me!!
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