I lost all my files and software wont load in windows Why?

I lost all my files and software won't load in windows Why? I think it was after downloading gary's utilities,I probably didn't know what I was doing..I was on gary's and on one of the file cleaning page it asked to remove no data files/flders that are empty .I ran analyze it found about 700 empty files and then I deleted them not knowing and then I think that is when everything screwed up,I tried getting files back with recuva,but I do not know what I am doing it did not work and now my windows wont even come up when I log in so I have to log onto my daughters..I AM NOT SURE IF I HAVE WINDOWS XP OR WINDOWS 7 I THINK IT IS 7
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  1. This does not sound good. You have a couple of options:

    1) Boot to the startup/recovery disk from your backup software to restore the files and folders from your last backup - you will still lose all the data you added since you last backed it up.

    2) Seek a data recovery services vendor to attempt to recover your data.
    If your choose 2) do not try to run the HDD, no more attempts at booting, or loading into another computer to try and find/restore the deleted data.

    If you can afford to loose your data, you can attempt a repair install for either XP or W7. You will need the installation CD or DVD. Boot to the installation media.

    -- For W7, there is a line/link in the lower left of the Install Screen that allows you to select repair an earlier installation of W7 - choose that.

    -- XP is a little more complicated, but Michael Stevens has a great guide here.

    If Windows cannot perform a repair install, you will have to perform a clean install.
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