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StarCraft II - New Images and Details

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August 8, 2007 2:55:53 PM

Blizzard Entertainment released new screenshots from their upcoming sequel StarCraft II as well as revealing some details about the game and some specifics on the Terran race. Answers to many questions including Vista and DirectX 10 compatibility are inside.

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August 8, 2007 5:39:04 PM

Very disappointing article. Several sites had this exact information available days ago. Was hoping to see something other than a copy/paste of the updated FAQ – perhaps a summary of information from the panel discussions at the show which are available on YouTube.
August 8, 2007 8:07:51 PM

rofl, poor tmeacham, another game review forum post go's bad. But in all honesty since Blizzard is playing this one pretty close to the chest at the moment there really isn't much to do except cut and paste the panel discussion and stick up a few screen shots. Maybe it'd be fun to do a spoof review which you just make up.

"Blizzard today unveiled a new holographic display specifically to play its new RTS masterpiece. The game will be going on sale tomorrow in all major stores and is available on pre-order online right now. Blizzard also let the press play with its new race, the 'space dwarfs' armed with flame throwers and a specialized 'ankle bite attack', there are unsubstantiated rumors of a 'cut them off at the knees attack' on the special, deluxe edition of the game"

wow that would be a lot of fun, and you could get somebody who's handy with photoshop to make a couple screen shots for you to paste.

But seriously, for now it looks like all Blizzard are saying to any question is something along the lines of "ask us again once we've actually made the game" and "it'll take as long as it takes"

Man i hope this game will be as good as the original Star Craft was, I'd give quite a bit to play good ol' Star Craft at native resolution on my 20" instead of squinting at a little block of 640X480 in the middle of a huge black monitor.

Then again if Star Craft II is as good as the original and i can play it at full resolution I'll die, having starved to death in front of the computer. Because i couldn't tear myself away from the game, not even to eat. But nobody would notice because my boss wold have fired me cause i called in sick for a solid month and my girlfriend would have dumped me because I "loved that damn game more than i loved her"

hmmmm, so if this game is as good as the original, Blizzard will cause the deaths of at least half the RTS community out there.

argh, I'm already getting over excited about this game, I'm just so happy that there is going to be a Star Craft II one of these years soon now, it's been such a long wait.
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August 9, 2007 8:22:56 AM

I dont want to cut your enthusiasm, BUT
being a hard core starcraft player I believe those 2 mechs from the terran race: the thor and the viking are probably the worse thing they could come out with.
on paper they look pretty impresive but also many heavy units from the original starcraft looked very impresive on paper, but on the real world hardcore players they were almost ignored. I believe this will be just the case with the viking and the thor mechs
August 9, 2007 11:46:18 AM

I believe the viking will be used, but only on non-bgh maps... I only hope there's not one of those, but you know there will be and zero clutterr... terrible terrible maps, where massing bc's or carriers, or putting 3 lines of photon cannon defense is the only way to play. The viking will be great for hit and run, annoying workers at expos.

The Thor, I don't really see being played. I think I rather just build alot of siege tanks.
August 9, 2007 12:22:07 PM

for hit and run would rather use the reapers
the vikings are good to but when they are transforming from air to ground it takes a lot of time , during that time they are vulnarable

The real problem I saw till now is the lack of mobile anti-air artilary
the goliath had that role in the original but I havent seen any replacemant in S 2 for the goliath
August 9, 2007 2:08:02 PM

I just don't get why the viking only uses it's machine guns in walker mode and torpedoes in fly mode, wtf is up with that, I rather see it use both weapons in both modes (machine gun being used against ground targets, torpedoes/missile against air).

And the banshee... I remember someone pointing out, a cloakable bomber that uses propellers lol.

We haven't seen all the Terran units yet, there's probably atleast 1 or 2 more.

I want to know what's going on with Zerg.

I'm sticking to my original stance that it will be out by april 2008, 10 years, I can't believe it's been that long. I still remember my first game, I put scvs in the bunker I built and the other dude killed my with 3 hydras, I had 1 marine outside the bunker LOL.
August 9, 2007 3:33:57 PM


"And the banshee... I remember someone pointing out, a cloakable bomber that uses propellers lol. "

you are missing the brilliant idea mate
they must be cloacked but yet capable do make terible noise, so to terorise the enemy , LOOOLLL
August 9, 2007 3:36:40 PM

my first experience was with protos, in the campaigne,
they give you a bunch of zelots and some dragons and you must reach to a base, and I thought that the larger units are more powerfull, and placed them in the front of the colon
when I encountered the zerg I realized my terrible mistake.
August 9, 2007 3:53:26 PM

lol, took me a bit to get the whole damage thing.
August 9, 2007 7:12:29 PM

Question: Why on earth did twitchguru wait this long to post even a half-assed attempt at an article about SC2? The game was announced 3 freaking months ago, and to most of the StarCraft community that announcement was second only to the return of Christ in terms of importance!

For a website that tries to report what matters most to gamers, there should have been way more focus on this game and it should have happened way sooner. I have seen more articles here about Star Trek and strange movies than actual video games (don't get me wrong, i love Star Trek).

You guys can do way better than this.

August 10, 2007 1:21:28 AM

Theres no mention of max rez of this game. I beleave Starcraft was limited to 1024x768... I hope they change that. At least make it 1080p compatable. Yes people will bitch in multiplayer, but higher rez's should be an option.
August 10, 2007 12:39:45 PM

August 10, 2007 2:57:59 PM

I think SupCom has ruined me for that scroll-out-to-full-map view. I recently jumped back in to play some Company of Heroes after playing Supreme Commander a lot and my first thought was, "I'm way too close to the ground!"

If you'll notice the full versions of those screenshots are at 1600x1200 and there is a widescreen res in there as well. They may not go much over 16x12 but I'm sure it will go at least that high.