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ok im on a tight budget and i need a new motherboard now i know what to buy as far as a dream motherboard goes but i have no idea what to look for when it comes to things i can afford hehe. so anyway i need a decent motherboard that supports AMd athlon XP 1900+ pc133 SDram (cant afford DDR and a mobo) it needs to have a 4xagp slot (bought a Geforce 4 and it doesnt work well with my current motherboard heh) i would like a AMR slot but if not i can buy a cheapy modem needs atleast 3 PCI slots

can anyone recomend anything? lower the price and higher the proformace the better as always hehe :) well thanks a bunch everyone
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  1. Hey B,

    I would suggest a MSI K7T Turbo2($82) supports up to XP 2200+ with a bios flash. I would also look for any mobo with the Via KT133A chipset. From there, check the the mobo website & check to see if they have a bios update to support the Athlon XP 1900+.

    The ECS K7S5A($54) with the SiS 735 chipset will support 2 slots of DDR or 2 slots of SD-Ram. I will never reccomend this mobo, because of the high number of DOA mobos. The SiS 735 has much higher performance than the Via KT133A, but ECS is the only brand that makes a SD-Ram mobo. Good Luck

    Peace Out...........tile

    god knows your entire system setup & he would answer your questions if he could just stop laughing
  2. Biostar M7VIG Motherboard also has 2 sdram and 2ddr but it is a micro atx motherboard with integrated s3 graphics. It does have agp slot 4x. 3 pci newegg,com $63. I don't know alot about this board.
  3. Hey, take a good look at the ASUS A7A133 ($83 @ 5 PCI, 1 AMR, 4x AGP, and up to 4 USB prots. Up to 3 gigs of PC 133. Looks pretty good to me.

    If a CPU can be overclocked, try and overclock it. Do this always and forever, unless, of coarse, you have a POS ecs motherboard. In that case, thank god it runs.
  4. The Asus a7a266-e supports both the PC133 and DDR. That way you could upgrade to DDR when you get the money.
  5. Abit Kt7a-RAID, Via Kt133a chipset
    I've seen it as low as $50

    Soon enough, Intel will make the i845s...imagine dual channel Sdram...*shudder*
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