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I guess I am a FPS gamer, since I mostly play Quake3 and 4.

I tried an RTS game – Command and Conquer (C&C), and liked it but wasn’t ready to spend $40 on it.

Now I heard about Company of Heroes : Opposing Fronts and that it was a good RTS game.

It seems like it is totally different from C&C in the sense that it is a WWII game, but is it basically the same in the level of play?

I mean after 2 hours of playing C&C, I felt like I could play the game and had fun, with Company of Heros, is it similar like that, or is it a game that takes day to get the hang of it?

The reason is that I was looking at getting a 8600 GTS card and I found this one:

It is around the same price for a similar card from eVGA and BFG, but it comes bundled with Company of Heroes – which is a $39 saving then if I but the game separately, and if the COH is similar in skill, ease of picking it up and as entertaining as Comand and Conqure then I am in!

Oh, the game bundle info is here:

I wonder when XFX will start bundling the girl with a card, then I would buy a pair!!
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  1. Hi Stranger,

    Sounds like COH is a great game, so to me it adds some real value to the card bundle, so I think I will get the XFX 8600 GTS with COH. Thanx for the info.
  2. imo thats a bad move, save up and get an 8800 320 mb version, seriously the 8600 gts is painful when you see an 8800 (or even an x1950)
  3. company of heros is great but i have an agp 7600gs that runs it fine, settings maxed at 1024x768 res.
  4. an 8600 isn't much better than a 7600...
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