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I have an Abit ST6 motherboard which came with 2, 128mb of PC100 RAM. To give my computer a bit more oomph! I bought some PC133 RAM to replace the existing RAM so that I can change the FSB rate to 133Mhz. For this board to do this you also need to change (in Bios) the FSB rate (CPU:SDRAM:PCI) to 4:4:1. However this option is "greyed" out. Abit suggest clearing the CMOS by moving the appropriate jumper on the motherboard, so that option again becomes available. My questions therefore are?

Is this a safe thing to do, will the Bios automatically pick up the right Bios settings again after this reset?

Are there any precautions I need to take before doing this?

Does anyone know of an alternative way of doing this?


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  1. Just unplug the power supply, and move the cmos jumper over one position for 5 seconds, and return to original position. Or, remove the mobo battery for a few seconds. The bios will return to the default settings.
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