Need a new game to play......... What do YOU recommend??

I love Battlefield 2 and I have been playing it a lot ever since it came out. I'm still not bored of it. I also love playing Starcraft.

I need a new game to play.....something great...

I have bought these games but have since abandoned them...I never really caught on to them or liked them after a while:

-Supreme Commander
-BF 2142
-The latest
-Warhammer 40,000 + expansion

none of these games really interested me much.

Can you guys suggest some games for me. I am mostly in war games being either FPS or RTS games.

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  1. If you haven't played the "big three" you should get to work.

    Half Life 2
    Doom 3

    I've played HL 2 and FEAR; they are absolutely phenomenal gaming experiences (for entirely different reasons). In HL 2 you're the hero of a sci-fi action adventure and in FEAR you're in a horror film.

    I just started playing Doom 3. I know a lot of people dogged it but I'm really enjoying it. The game is a few years old but the graphics are still very impressive IMO.
  2. Hmmm... i'm in a similar situation, waiting for so many awesome games that I see on the horizon, but right now, it's just BF2 and WoW (I know, it sucks, but I only haft to stick another 2 weeks, and then the Guild Wars expansion is out). I need to finish Half Life 2! Damn i'm lazy, I used to play HL1 over and over lol...
  3. If you like RTS games and haven't played Company of Heroes, sir, then you are doing yourself a tremendous disservice. For me, it's the best RTS since StarCraft and a true classic in its own right.

    I second Ananan's Big Three, too.
  4. Gotta love Counter-Strike: Source
  5. I thought that game was gonna crush my system when I saw gameplay.. I have marginally better than the recommended, i'll give it a try for sure.
  6. just to pre-empt anyone out there who is annoying... dont mention crysis as the original poster asked for games NOW
  7. DOes anyone here think that Quake Wars will be any good? It looks like Battlefiled in my opinion.....but in a sci-fi kind of way.
  8. FEAR Combat FTW. Its free and a blast to play.
  9. robwright said:
    If you like RTS games and haven't played Company of Heroes, sir, then you are doing yourself a tremendous disservice. For me, it's the best RTS since StarCraft and a true classic in its own right.

    I second Ananan's Big Three, too.

    COMPANY OF KILLERS.. Definitely. Yes if you like RTS games this one is a no brainer. The graphics also seemed to scale fairly well, I ran it on two different systems and it played decently on my lower end box. (2.4ghz P4 512mbs ram x800gto) My "higher end" box (Opteron 165 [2.2 ghz 64bit dual core] 1 gb ram, 7600gt) plays it VERY nicely. I do not have an lcd yet so I just play it at 1152X or whatever and it looks great.

    Definitely a classic in its own right.
  10. kuanaco said:
    DOes anyone here think that Quake Wars will be any good? It looks like Battlefiled in my opinion.....but in a sci-fi kind of way.

    Ah, Quake Wars...not sure I want to re-open this wound, but here goes!

    I guess it depends on who you ask. I personally thought the E3 demo of ET:QW was excellent and I'm looking forward to playing it. But Travis wrote a review of the beta and he wasn't really impressed, so there ya go (you can check out the spirited debate in the forum thread below).

    And whatever you do, don't say that Quake Wars looks like Battlefield or even hint at a comparison between the two games because there will be some passionate Quake fans who will pounce on you.
  11. I like frps, and the ocasional rts, Try fear and company of heros. If your looking for a unique action/ kinda rpg game try overloard. got em a few weeks agao and love em.
  12. company of heroes scales excellently, it even runs on my laptop smoothly at native resoulution (my laptop has integrated graphics in case you were wondering)
  13. Arma - its a new game, an advanced version of BF2. It has infantry combat, jet combat, armor combat and flag capping. Huge environments.
    theresa demo available as well, it doesn't play exactly like bf2 and the control reconfigure menu is a mess.
    It also has a wierd mouse lag thing where when you move your mouse you just look around instead of actually turning.. you can turn that off in the menu though.
  14. My 2C

    Add C&C3 to what everyone else said. It's fast and fun for an RTS. It's one of the few games that I've actually gone back to play again.
  15. C&C3 is a much more lazy rts than supcom or COH because you can actually rely on your defenses to hold your enemies back
  16. If you are looking for a single person game, I suggest Lost Planet. Takes about a weekend to 4 days to beat on regular mode, and you get some really stunning visuals.

    I haven't played the multiplayer, but I heard it is fun. Mechs are just cool no matter how you swing it.

    Other than that, FEAR is the best single player game out there right now for FPS. For the simple fact that at night you will crap your pants when that little girl starts popping out of nowhere.

    HL2 is a lot of fun. CS:S is just insane. Always hundreds of people playing it. Never alone. lol

    Enjoy my two cents.
  17. I always spend my time on CS:S watching other people perform OMFGROFLRTFMLMAOWTFFTWMELONHAX (i.e. watching the top on the server perform a double backwards summersault exploiting a glitch to fire a sniper rifle at 50 times a second killing everyone on the server while singing the star spangled banner and typing "I M 1337!!!!" 18 times a second without copy and pasting
  18. that got a bit carried away didn't it?
  19. lil.
  20. I do not recommend C&C 3: Tiberium Wars. I also love RTS games. I was addicted to Starcraft well since it came out lol. C&C is largely unbalanced online and patches that shouldnt even be patches still arent out yet. EA released that game unfinished.
  21. I personally was not terribly impressed by the Quake Wars demo, not on any technical grounds, but merely on the basis of gameplay. I've played every Doom, Quake, Unreal, and Battlefield game released, not to mention a horde of other "true classics."

    Check it out though if you'd like. I'm not sure if you'll find much new in ET:QW. It is faster gameplay than BF.

    I would adjust the Big Three and make them into the Big Four:
    Half-Life 2 (Loved it)
    Doom 3 (Not terribly impressed)
    F.E.A.R. (Wow...)
    Far Cry (Better than Doom3 and HL2)

    Anyway, that's my 2 cents.
  22. FarCry is probably my all time favorite shooter and with the mods you can play with the game its like a new experience over and over again.

    F.E.A.R. 2nd favorite
  23. Some of my favorite games are Total Annihilation and Counter-Strike Source. Many others include HL2, Warcraft 3, BF2, Doom 3, and most definitly System Shock 2.

  24. FEAR is awesome, especially if you play at night with the lights out and the sound up! You can get the Gold edition with the Directors Cut and Extration Point for like $35 or less now i think. FEAR combat is fun, just run around and blast people. Doom 3 is ok, but i stopped playing it half way. I got GTA: San Andreas and ended up playing that more than Doom. I'm on the Quake Wars Beta and its cool too. They just released more resolutions so its sharper now. I have to upgrade my mouse, but the missions and goals are great! Its alot better than BF2142.
  25. What do you guys think of the new Quake Wars game thats about to come out next month?
  26. Personally i can't wait for ETQW, a bunch of my friends who play ET are going to grab ETQW as soon as we can get it, head to somebody's house, install and play until we cant see the monitor any more.

    It's going to be legendary.
  27. The OP might want to give the Grand Theft Auto titles a try if he's not played them yet on any platform (although wouldn't you have to be living in a cave?). I found them rather fun :)
  28. kuanaco said:
    What do you guys think of the new Quake Wars game thats about to come out next month?

    I think its great! Like i said i've been on the ET:QW beta for the past 3 months.
    What I like about Quake Wars:
    -Missions within multiplayer mode.
    -You don't need a $400 video card for playability.
    -Large, open (yet somewhat linear) maps.
    -Airstrikes are crazy.
    -No "carriers" or "titans" to bombard.

    On a side note: GTA looks way better on PC than any console.
  29. Ever think about S.T.A.L.K.E.R? good game or just a free online mmorpg game that incldes getting pissed at ppl and sjhooting them or just soldierfront ? lol source is good but i recomend S.T.A.L.K.E.R or doom3 and quake
  30. not certain if it was mentioned but here are the games i play lately and enjoy:
    - Medieval 2 - just got to love charging cavlry into peazants at fool speeds ;)
    - Company of Heroes - interesting gameplay, something refreshing
    - and one of my favourite all time games :Myst 4 Revelations, i never was into story related puzzle games, but this game is honestly I think one of th ebest, if not "the best" game I ever playd, great especially for people that like to think, I could not stop playing it till i finished it, and then was sad that it was finished...and now it goes for around $9 so its worth getting, it does need a muscle pc, but it has amazing visuals.
  31. BioShock, hands down..
  32. I only play single player games. That said, I'd highly recommend F.E.A.R. and its not-quite-the-same expansion - the only video game that ever actually raised the hair on the back of my neck. HL2 hasn't impressed me with its pacing, but the visuals and story are too good to miss. Doom 3 is good for the first few hours, but you grow tired of demons leaping out of lockers (don't these demons have anything better to do than lurk in lockers?) Still, you can pick it up for $20 or so. I've played it through a couple of times until you're transported to Hell - I hate drawn-out boss fights and especially jumping puzzles. What sort of sadistic moron builds jumping puzzles when my feet are invisible? Oh - sorry, Mr. Carmack, sir. Loved your game engine...

    If you like war-type FPS games be sure to play Call of Duty 2 - its graphics and pacing are incredible, although its health system makes it too easy even on the hardest difficulty. And of course Far Cry - demanding when released, it scales up beautifully on more modern machines, and even though the mutants are pretty bogus looking their behavior and the game's pacing and graphics make it completely immersive. I've probably played it all the way through at least six times.

    On older games, the original Call of Duty and Medal of Honor series are excellent shooters, although not up to modern standards of graphics (except maybe COD) and gameplay. (The COD expansion was pretty lame IIRC.) Alien vs Predator II is probably my all-time favorite shooter, or at least tied with F.E.A.R. and Far Cry. These are games you can pick up for $10 or so and play at maxed out settings, perfect for a week of gaming. Ditto with Soldier of Fortune II, which had horrible graphical glitches when I first played it at 800 x 600 but looked great when I replayed it at 1600 x 1200 with an updated system. And SWAT III (IV? I forget) is supposed to be a really good tactical shooter - I haven't loaded it yet, but recently picked up it and its expansion for $6 each at Big Lots. That's for a two year-old, Game of the Year game!

    And if you like online multiplayer shooters, you owe it to yourself to pick up Counterstrike: Source. Its maps are extremely well designed and varied, its weapons well balanced, its bots are fairly good, and it has tons of actual online players who aren't all children (and some who are children will thrash your ***!) I play it for an hour or two a few nights a week just against bots to wind down from a stressful day and enjoy it more than most single player games, and if you venture online it just gets better and more challenging. (I'm just too lazy and anti-social to actually go online to game. I get more than enough real people in the real world.)

    Forgot to add, if you play Doom 3 be sure and load the duct tape mod. It gives you a slightly less powerful flashlight duct-taped to shotgun and assault rifle, with a real life battery that doesn't run down in ten seconds. I added this the second time through and it made the game much more enjoyable. As Doom 3 is written you can't wield any weapon, even a pistol, and hold a flashlight, and most of Doom 3 is very dark. Evidently you're a one-armed space Marine...
  33. Doom 3 is definitely a room by room slog but I'm still pretty into it. I might have to check that duct tape mod; switching between weapons and flashlight has caused me many gruesome deaths.

    CoD looks great at 1680x1050 with 8xAA and 16xAF with Nvidia quality set to very high.

    I just hit a Big Lots in a town I visited and came away with a pretty good haul: Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, Raibow Six lockdown, The great escape, and Oasis for $3.99 each. I love Big Lots; I've bought at least 50 full version boxed games there for $5 or less. I never seem to leave any of their stores empty handed.

    One question for anyone who knows: Does Chaos Theory install Starforce?
  34. Quote:
    One question for anyone who knows: Does Chaos Theory install Starforce?

    Yes. here's a list.

    I've got a couple StarForce games myself, Brothers in Arms: Earned In Blood (sucks ***) and Paradise (the wife's.) I had a CD burner die exactly as described by anti-StarForce activists, just got slower and slower and eventually died. Had randon BOD crashes until I removed StarForce with a utility. However it (StarForce) may have been fixed in later games - I have two DVD burners and neither has crashed or slowed noticeably, although I very seldom burn anything (occassional backups) so maybe I haven't noticed. For awhile I burned several CDs a week for a friend (his band), but since he moved I'm back to almost nothing.

    One thing's for sure - if you do install Chaos Theory, make sure when you uninstall it you use a StarForce removal utility. My CD burner died when the game was still installed, but I didn't start crashing until I uninstalled the game. Oddly enough the CD burner that died was used only for game software, not burning anything. But its reads got slower and slower before it died, enough that I had problems with disc verification on some games before it went completely Tango Uniform. Luckily my DVD burner was unaffected (as far as I can tell!)
  35. Someone earlier refered to the big 3 as Half Life 2, FEAR, and DooM 3...I hate to correct you, but the big 3 is Half Life 2, Far Cry, and DooM 3. These are refered to as the big 3 because they all came out at a similar time on 3 different graphical engines that in which all 3 pushed PC gaming way beyond anything we had seen to date (though FEAR is a great game it is just apart of another gen than those other 3). Anyways...

    Games I would recommend.

    Medal of Honor: Airborne (comes out in a few weeks)
    Company of Heroes and the soon to be Expo (even though it is a stand alone expo)
    Command and Conquer 3
    FEAR Combat (the free multiplayer mentioned above)
    It doesnt seem like your type of game, but the game I play most at the moment is Quake 4, which is also a great game, but judging from the games you play now it may be alittle to fast.


  36. crumble114 said:
    BioShock, hands down..

    I'd have to agree with this. Just played the demo. Seems like a great game. Comes out today. Seriously, it won't dissapoint you. (Although I can't really say that because all people have different tastes...)
  37. "Someone earlier refered to the big 3 as Half Life 2, FEAR, and DooM 3...I hate to correct you, but the big 3 is Half Life 2, Far Cry, and DooM 3. These are refered to as the big 3 because they all came out at a similar time on 3 different graphical engines that in which all 3 pushed PC gaming way beyond anything we had seen to date (though FEAR is a great game it is just apart of another gen than those other 3)."

    Actually - if you want to get REALLY technical about it it would be the "big two": Doom 3 and HL 2.

    Far Cry was a known quantity but was released half a year before the others to much less hype. Before it's release it was considered a good game that would be successful but not a game that would rise to the tier of the other two.

    I've never had the chance to play it. When it came out I didn't have a PC that could run it and it sort of passed me by. I'm glad it turned out to be such an obviously great game.
  38. Far cry is still good, I'm currently playing it for the first time and enjoying it immensly (though once the trigen appeared it sort of devolved a bit and lost the open endedness)
  39. I recently had the same problem...i didnt know what games to play...soooo many to choose from...I played the need for speed series and too tell you the truth, i liked it. I recently played SIN: Emergence, which i loved. Right now, im really starting to get into Battlefield 2142...can suck up the whole day if you let it. I haven't played Far Cry (something that i am very ashamed of), but i do plan on trying it out soon...I often switch between games (i must have ADD or something) on steam..
  40. if you meet a spud1337 on bf2142, don't kill him lol
  41. I've been playing battlefield 2142 and the Zombie Master Mod on halflife 2.
  42. Try tribes 3 vengeance, good story good graphics and just generally good over all. LOVED it. Made by irrational games before they sucked and made bioshock (as far as i see in an fps your crosshair should go where you put it, not where the game thinks it should be. SYSTEM SHOCK 2 FOREVER).

    Try Empire at war maybe

    Oblivion (Morrowind maybe)

    MAX Payne 1 or (preferably) Max Payne 2 EXCELLENT story.

    Far cry is good but the AI is easy once you have figured it out even on hardest, though it takes a while to get to the end and you have to run away a lot. But if you want a game that will make you feel like you are on holiday just by looking at it then this is it. ESP the first bit. i sat staring at the water and the trees. Get the 64 bit patch though it makes it a new game.

    FEAR is good for 4 hours of play. 4 AWESOME hurs of awesome play that you go and do again.

    X3 maybe if you want to sit staring at the beauty.

    Dark Messiah is good brainless fun untainted by a good story. (very good looking and lots of fun if you like cutting parts off things. )


    Get KOTOR 2 if you want an rpg and then go and get the new 3rd party expansion that they released which puts all the missing bits back in.

    Command and conquer 3 is a good way to make Tiberian Sun look like the best game that will ever be released. You can also try out and try legend of kyrandia 1,2 and 3 and if yu want to get stuck a lot get riven or the other myst games.

    Monkey island is good and really funny. If you can you HAVE to get Day of the Tentacle : best quest EVER.

    Or Riddle of Master lu - Good luck on the lab puzzle. look for a lighter spade...
  43. the KOTOR games are awesome because they are very star warsy but they don't suck like certain recent movies and they are their own story (and I'm being very articulate aren't I? and using the the highest form of wit)
  44. Nobody has mentioned this yet, but if you like tactical FPS, give Rainbow Six Vegas a try. You should be able to find it for $20 just about anywhere right now. I am fairly picky with the games I really enjoy, and that is right up there.

    My other picks: HL2, SupCom (which really shines when you play with friends).
  45. If you don't mind Malware, then get Bioshock because despite what comes with it, It truly is a great game with an Awesome story (for a game, it actually caught me by surprise!)
  46. its not new (gothic 3 ) but my computer is, so now i can play it to the max and the graphics are nice, gameplay long(get your money's worth)
    has interesting way to finish game by choosing who to allie with.

    OVERLORD --- funny, different, good graphics

    Dawn of magic --- soso

    Two worlds --long game, ok graphics
  47. woah time machine here haha

    now id suggest WORLD IN CONFLICT

    or fallout 3
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