WTS- need price opinion, 2+yr XP2500+/NF7-S/6600GT Rig

Hey guys I've been meaning to sell my old PC for a while, part of me still not wanting to give it up. The old cookie-cutter OC rig has grown on me... :x
Just out of curiosity (I would(need to)sell if I got some decent offers) how much do you think I could fetch for:

AMDXP Barton core 2500+, Abit NF7-S Mobo, 1gb corsair value select
nVidia GeForce 6600GT (XFX I believe), Seagate 120gb SATA hdd + WD 300 SATA 7200rpm hdd.
DVD-Rom and DVD-RW all in mid-size gray windowed case w/ 3 switches installed to regulate fans. [hi/med/low]

If I'm forgetting anything else important...let me know.
It has been updated piece by piece over the years but this setup I haven't changed for about 2.
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  1. Well, this isn't what you are probably going to want to hear... but I would guess maybe $150 or so.

    You would probably have better luck trying to sell it on ebay.

    But, good luck to you, any way you choose to do it. :)
  2. do you think I'd have better luck with individual parts? I'm trying to get around 300, I know there's no way to get much more....maybe I'm underestimating how old it is lol
  3. I'm in a similar boat, I have an extremly modified abit NF7 2.0 board with a 2500 barton core, and [5] 2500 bartons cores on the side, [2] 512MB's of winbound bh-5 memory, 6800GT AGP flashed to the ultra specs, danger den cpu-block, danger den side psu, chieftec dragon case with a top mounted radiator. The list goes on and on, and its all extra i've already built other systems to replace it, now I"m sort of stuck with it.

    It's hard to let go of older solid systems, especially ones that you put so much work into...but I really need the money... :pfff:
  4. Do you by any chance have a connection with the name is so close ;x
  5. Check out Ebay and see what similar stuff is going for. ALso, check out their complete systems. YOu may be able to get a little more if everything looks really nice and you get some good pics. BUt, here, you are not going to get $300 for it. The components are just too old, no matter how well they OC or how much you paid for them.
  6. yeah ebay. Thats what I'm thinking about doing. I'll sell it with a 36 gb raptor maybe another drive, so its a little more enticing and will be a compelte system and then some. As for the name being very close to Frozen Cpu, A friend of mine got a hold of some nitrogen cooling and we rigged together some blocks and sue it on his 478 at the time, the we got this crazy idea to custom make some of the parts [at the time his dad had access to metal fabrication tools and stuff], and we froze a gpu, I thought it was interesting to say the least. meh that was a long time ago though, I doubt nitrogen or phase coolign for that matter would even be remotly necessary for an enthusiast, b/c i'm sure the o/c would bottleneck soemwhere else... :??:
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