Laptop or desktop - My situation

Hey everyone,

I'm going to be getting either a laptop or a desktop computer, but I cannot decide which.

My criteria is as follows:

- I play World of Warcraft, and want a machine that runs this really well.
- I may be doing 3D animation in the future. This is a maybe, but I don't want to have to get a new laptop if my current one takes forever to render 3D or something.
- I watch movies constantly on my computer.

The only reasons I would get a laptop is that I'm pursuing a graphic designer path (perhaps 3D modeling and/or animation in the future), and I'm trying to plan ahead. I'd be getting a Windows laptop, not a MAC. I also wouldn't mind bringing my laptop in my bed for more comfortable working and movie watching. I also plan on traveling once or twice a year to a close friends for 2 weeks+, and the ability for us both to be on a separate computer and play WoW at the same time would be a blast.

Right now I'm leaning toward a laptop. What can a desktop provide that a laptop cannot, other than the ability to upgrade hardware? (Which I do not plan to do.) What I'm worried about though, is performance issues. I absolutely hate stalling and lag.. and I remember my brother's MAC being quite slow.

By the way, I'm not looking to spend more than $1000 on either machine. If you could take a look at and for me, and maybe point me in the right direction.

Any replies or advice would be MUCH appreciated! :hello:
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  1. well. lets see.
    Im kinda in the same situation.
    i would definatly reccomend laptop.

    Desktops generally have the following.
    Latest Technology, highest performance at cheaper prices.
    Core 2 duos being clockable to about 3.0 - 3.4 ghz. if you overclock.. 3.0 should be possible with a decent air cooler. on laptops your looking at about 2.2 ghz if you dont wanna pay through the nose.
    Memmory speeds are also better on desktop, however desktops are now switching to DDR3, which ofcourse is a great time to get a nice home pc.
    You can get a q6600 qua core CPU, mobo, and 4 gig ddr2 ram. which is gonna be great for any kind of development and wont be too shabby for gaming either on a desktop. if you have an ok HDD DVD Keyboard mouse and Screen.
    you should be able to get away with 1000-1300 dollars with a 8800 gts included.

    Laptops are great if your not too fond of performance. im looking at a zepto with 4 gig ram, 2.2ghz processor, 120 gig hdd 7200rpm, 7.1 sound and a 8600M GT with 512 ram. which should be able to handle and 3d developing program. they are about 2ice as fast as a 9800pro. that lappy will cost me about 16000SEK which i think is about 2000 dollars. so laptops cost a lot more. also remember screen size changes

    also the dell inspiron 1720 has a good deal on it right now. it also has a 17 inch screen with 1900x1200 resolution *if your developing resolution is your friend.
    it also supports 2 harddrives, which will be helpful

    both laptops support dx10. though i doubt you will get good performance dx10 with those cads.
    both decent all round laptops. will play all current games and be great for on the road and lan games.
    dont count on good performance in the upcoming stuff like crysis though.

    ofcourse laptops should be getting quad core in a few months, with faster clocks, higher memmory speeds, better video cards. im going to try to wait till the next generation of processors comes out.
    quad core laptop at at least 2.6 ghz, will be my sweet spot i belive. then i can wait about 1 or two years before getting a new desktop.

    good luck !
  2. If you have a budget, what is it?
  3. he said it was $1000 but are you going to build the desktop yourself if you get it? and i'm not sure you would get a laptop for that price that will play games at at all decent fps, genuinely
  4. gaming performance youd be much better off with a desktop. im still running a 9800 pro. so any laptop can beat that for permance nowadays. hehe
  5. You'll need to spend your whole $1000 budget on a Quattro video card for professional 3d rendering. And your 'Macs are slow' theory is incorrect. It all depends on the model, and what you're trying to do. For example, the Mac Pro desktop can be configured with 16 GB of RAM, terrabytes of storage, two quad core CPUs, etc.. I don't endorse their products, I'm just saying...

    I just bought a lappy for under a grand ( )that can actually run Oblivion without the eye-candy, but it can barely capture digital video from satellite. On a budget, you'll have to trade off somewhere.
  6. A desktop will usually win out over the laptop at the same price range.Laptops have to trade some performance because of issues like heat,battery life etc.and also hardware upgradability.I don't believe I have seen a laptop yet with a 24"" screen and 8800GTX.
  7. A good core2,8800gts,2gigs ram and decent PSU should be doable for your budget.A laptop with the same performance will most likely be more than double the price.
  8. no, so far as i'm aware its impossible to equal the 8800gts in laptop gfx cards (without sli)
  9. LionheartMG said:

    - I play World of Warcraft, and want a machine that runs this really well.
    - I may be doing 3D animation in the future. This is a maybe, but I don't want to have to get a new laptop if my current one takes forever to render 3D or something.
    - I watch movies constantly on my computer.

    From EXPERIENCE if you are really into 3D animation and rendering than a desktop is your ONLY option as you could shop around and build you a quad core system based on the now very affordable Q6600 Q2D processor and your rendering as well as gaming and what not will be very good. Drop in an affordable 8800GTS 320 or so and you are set for pretty much anything.

    For $1,000 you won't get much of anything in the laptop world that could even close to that.(period)

    I have ordered myself a Dell XPS M1330 C2D 2.0Ghz, 8400GS, 2GB laptop which should be here by Monday. Even at around $2,000 I would never consider it as a gaming or render powerhouse. It will just be a nice mobile system. 1,000 will get you only integrated graphics and maybe 1GB or memory and an X2 processor if your lucky.
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