PS3: I have the cash and Sony does not let me buy anything

Hello guys

Well I have a dear problem: I have the cash and PS3 does not let me buy anything.
Explanation: I live in Brazil and bought my PS3 in the US during one of my trips abroad. When I first started the console I realized that my country (again, Brazil) wasn't available for register. Back then I successfully registered an US account using a friend's address. Now I have a big interest in buying content on the PlaystationStore but cannot fulfill my wallet since my credit card is registered with a brazilian address.

Now tell me how can I solve that? Can I register an account on Brasil or is there any other way to insert funds on my wallet with my credit card (it is international of course)?
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  1. if i remember you can only insert funds to a wallet in the country that the card is registered in. It doesnt seem to matter where the PS 3 is bought. If there is a brazillian network, you can buy off from that, otherwise your screwed. The only thing that you can do otherwise is open a bank account in the us, though i dont think that is an acceptable alternative
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