First Look: Logitech G9 Laser Mouse

Logitech announced its new G9 Laser Mouse, which features two inter-changeable grips for customized gaming. The G9 looks like the most customizable gaming mouse yet, but does that make it a good product?
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  1. I doubt there will be much middle ground on its looks, you're either gonna love it or hate it... and I expect more people to hate it. I don't though.
  2. That is honestly the most HIDEOUS palm rat i have ever had the displeasure of laying my eyes on. 3200 dpi means nothing if it cant actually use the resolution. Check out the mouse mark at ESR, all the laser mouses SUCKED. Razer forever baby! That way i can stand to use my hand without disinfection after touching so arse ugly. Though the death adder is a bit ugly, it is at the top and i hope that the g9 bites it on the tables. Personally if razer keep making their mouses the way they have lately i will not buy another razer.
  3. Yeah.. It has a cable.. That's pretty much a big issue for me..
  4. That thing is fugly! How many buttons will get pressed by accident ?! 3 buttons work great, all this laser mouse lag bs is bs, my 9 dollar mouse led doesn't lag at all. This thing shouuld be called the "fatality", for suckers who have too much money.
  5. What a design :S

    G5 still looks better, i think you really have to hold this mouse in you hand to judge if its a good one or not. But it doesn't look like a nice mouse.

    I just keep fraggin with my mx510 the nextcomming years :)
  6. Rabidpeanut said:
    Check out the mouse mark at ESR, all the laser mouses SUCKED. Razer forever baby!

    If you look at the result tables, mainly the overall one, Logitech held the majority of the top half, including position 1, 2 and 3. So Logitech forever :P
  7. Looks like the creative fatal1ty mouse.... BAD

    Seems to be a trend towards making the mice look more like their users (that's right McDonald's munchers, I'm talking to you)
  8. randomizer said:
    Seems to be a trend towards making the mice look more like their users (that's right McDonald's munchers, I'm talking to you)

    oh my, i laughted so hard at that. classic.

    Back on topic, i'm going to stick with my Logitech MX revolution as its the most comfortable mouse i've found. i'm a tipical user who spends too much money on rubbish i cant make up my mind. i've got at least 4 logitech corded and corless desktops as well as countless mice. i've tryed the G series, i've tryed razor and i've tryed microsoft. for not having a sore wrist after hours of gaming along with the outstanding build quality and precision (only with the receiver plugged into the keyboard) i'm sticking with the MX revolution. most people didn't like it, but that's because they may have little hands.. (lol). i find it perfect.

    this mouse is going to spawn love/hate arguments for eternity, and what we have to understand is its about its use and not its looks. Logitech are asking you to buy it and enjoy using it as a mouse, not stick it on your mantle and admire it. if logitech has anything to do with it, then its going to work very well indeed. if its amazingly presice, has outstanding comfort, then its going to be a good product dispite is fugly appearance.

    just imagine if the womenfolk out there were as picky about the look of their men as we were about the look of our mice.. we'd be in trouble. lucky they care about whats on the inside as well.

  9. Pretty sure my MX500 will be more comfortable than that beast. Even if it has a badly over-bashed left button.

    EDIT: Oh yea, big hands FTW!
  10. Does anyone know if this mouse supports lefties?
  11. prolfe said:
    Does anyone know if this mouse supports lefties?

    I second that question!! The percentage of lefties may be small when compared to the entire population but the actual numbers are in the millions. That's more than plenty to suffice for a more grander left hand market. I currently use Logitech's 610 but there should be a left hand mouse back to back with any high-end gaming mouse they release for right-handers. Where's an MX Rev for lefties? I'd buy it without hesitation. I originally forced myself to use an MX 1000 in my left hand because I wanted the mouse so bad. Logitech, if you do a market study *don't* ask such stupid questions as "Do you use a right-handed, left-handed or ambidextrous mouse?". You should ask more along the lines "Would you use a left-handed mouse if available?". Instead of wasting money on a *variety of choices* for ambidextrous mice for the average user just make one and invest the rest into a left-hand market.
  12. Um remember, it's not about customer satisfaction, it's about profit. As far as they're concerned, the cost of making left-handed mice outways the profit they will make on them.
  13. Doesn't look like it supports lefties to me, but then, with the interchangeable grips it might in the future.

    I have a G5 v2 and love it. It is so precise that I have a hard time readjusting to the junky mouse I have at work if I've spent a lot of time on my home computer over the weekend.

    Takes a little while to figure out what weight you like the best, but if you experiment with different ones over a period of time until you find the perfect feel, it is worth it. Really helps my accuracy in games when your mind knows exactly how much to move the mouse to get the perfect response in a game. Head shot after head shot.
  14. HOW does having a high DPI make the mouse more presice and better???

    Having a high DPI just makes it faster! If i wanted it to be faster, i could go into the game settings and higher the sensitivity! But having it that fast makes it really hard to aim. I have the mx518 and when i adjust the dpi to 1600 (highest) it is really difficult to use. I wonder hot 3200 dpi is going to help?
  15. It doesn't just mean it makes it faster. What it means is with 3200 dpi, vs a 1600 dpi resolution mouse, you have to move the mouse half as far before the mouse realizes you've moved. Just like a low resolution Jpeg image vs a high resolution image, only the mouse can only register movement if you move it more than one "pixel" distance. With a crappy mouse, this distance is large when compared to a high res gaming mouse.

    Coupled with that is the fact that a high resolution mouse can see the pattern of your mousepad surface better than a low res, and will also be able to track changes in movement more accurately as a result.+

    Like I said, it is very noticeable when I return to my crappy mouse at work.
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