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Hey all, looking for a Laptop/PC. I am not looking for something super fancy. Looking for something with at least 512 ram, windows xp, 20 gig hard drive, and something that can take a wireless card. Probably looking for a pentium 4 or equilant. I am in the US so for shipping purposes probably looking for a US computer. If you have something fancier I will listen, but it is really price that is the deciding factor. thanks
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  1. What are you looking to spend??? I can do brand new meeting your requirements from $375 & up. Pm me if interested
  2. I have a Dell XPS Dimension Gen2, P4, 3Ghz, 1GB Ram, CDRW, DVD Burner, 160GB HDD, 7600GS 512.

    Send PM if you are interested or need more detailed specs.

  3. I have a toshiba 40gb 768 mb ddr2 celeron m 1.6 ghz for under $275
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