games laggy with dual core.

i just got a new comp and im having trouble playing some of my favorite games on it. im pretty sure its a dual core issue from reading all the forums. the games im having the biggest issues with are battlefield, bf 2, and painkiller. i get the herky jerky stuff (also know as benny hill effect) even at the lowest settings. im running an amd64x2 4400 on vista32. ive tried running in compatability mode with no luck. ive also downloaded the amd dualcore optimizer as well as setting affinity to cpu0 with only slightly better results. i still cant really play them at all fps is around 30. is their anything else i can do or am i stuck. i know some people are able to get them to run i just cant figure it out.
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  1. Games really need a combination of a good video card AND cpu to play properly even if you have a high end CPU. They both work hand in hand with each other. You will also need to have a minimum of 2GB of RAM, especially if you are running Vista, 4GB recommended.

    What video card are you using? Try getting an 8800GTS's expensive but worth it if you are a gamer. Good luck!
  2. done a defrag as well as all other clean ups i could do to try to free up resources. as for the system its an amd64x2 4400 on vista 32. 2 gigs of ram. geforce 7600gt vid card but ive only got onboard sound so that may be an issue but i dont think its to bad of one. the thing is i can run brand new games fine. dark messiah runs well (probably at 75% full settings) as well as oblivian. hl2 runs perfect and i know thats more of a system drag than painkiller. even at the lowest of setting on painkiller is crazy slow and jerky. ive uninstalled and reinstalled it with no luck. if i play it on my old juihb 1700 running at 2.0 ghz on xp with an old ti force card it works fine. im gonna try roling back some drivers to see if that helps but im not expecting too.
  3. that is weird, but yea try dif drivers bf2 should run fine on your rig.
  4. look and see if your antivirus program is running a scan. if not that then make sure ur firewall is allowing bf2 access. if neither of those check out then maybe ur internet connection is too slow for bf2 or it could just be the servers ur trying to play on.
  5. For Painkiller you have to switch off one of the cores through Windows Task Manager while the game is running. Thats what I did to stop the game from being laggy when I had my 4200 X2
  6. Heres the rub, i bet the games will run fine under XP with the same system. Graphicsa card drivers for Vista are buggy. DX10 is still new, and is buggy. Vista is definately buggy, and games themselves are going to be buggy on vista. The platform is still so new that everyone is killing themselves to try and make their stuff work right, its a process that is going to take time. Dual boot XP if possible, and use it for gaming untill a DX10 title you absolutely must play comes out for Vista, then worry about the performance issues at that point, because by the time Crysis comes out I garuntee the performance of Vista, DX10, and graphics card drivers will be much better.
  7. thanks guys. im just gonna have to run some games on my other system at reduced setting till i figure it out. im gonna try upping my graphics card cause i think its a little screwed up, hopefully itll fix it but im not sure.
  8. disabling onboard audio really helped me run bf2. install a pci soundcard and it will free the processor from rendering audio.

    also make sure that your ram is running at specified speeds, b/c most motherboards downclock ram, but you can go into the bios and fix that real quick, that could help a little

    Dual boot XP if possible

    I dual booted xp/vista earlier this summer and i wouldnt recommend it.

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  9. Make sure that Cool 'n Quiet isn't kicking in when it shouldn't be. I don't know if its a problem in Vista, but in XP if I have the power profile set to something where it allows the CPU to throttle it invariably does when I'm running games and they are pretty unplayable. If I set the power profile to something like "Always On" that doesn't allow throttling then things play just fine.

  10. thanks for the tip mcg, inever tried that. im not sure i can in vista but ill look.
  11. In Vista, it's in the Power Options, setting this to Performance should help, but I doubt that is the problem.
  12. First off cool and quiet doesnt run on vist-yep bf2 has xfi problems and is memory sensitive but sound like dj_pee_zee
    is right. Sounds like most likely ya graphics card-and yep would recogmend a 8800gts 320 but they run real hot so make sure ya case is up for that. Mine runs BF2 at 1600x1200 with no probs at 60-100 fps.
  13. turned out to be a halfway bad vid card. swapped it with a x1650 i had and everything works fine. i dont understand why some games like hl2 would run perfect but lesser games (bf,bf2 painkiller) would be almost unplayable. ill probably stick with the 1650 for now seeing as how it runs well. i also think ill stay away from nvidia for now, i never seem to learn my lesson.
  14. civilDis said:
    First off cool and quiet doesnt run on vist-yep bf2 has xfi problems and is memory sensitive but sound like dj_pee_zee
    is right. Sounds like most likely ya graphics card-and yep would recogmend a 8800gts 320 but they run real hot so make sure ya case is up for that. Mine runs BF2 at 1600x1200 with no probs at 60-100 fps.

    Cool and Quiet is supported in Vista without the need for the AMD driver (that was for XP). If it's not functioning, then it's either disabled in the BIOS or the BIOS needs updating.
  15. aggiestudd 07 why are you suggesting NOT to dual boot xp & Vista? I have been doing it for sometime now with xp32 & vista64. I love that I can play games on xp and still have vista to play around with! Just curious on why you made that statement...
  16. Maby he didnt do it right,I have dual boot and love it.
    Only games on gonna play on Vista are DX10 ones.
    For those of you who are curious about what we are talking about,I will try to explain in plain english.
    Dual boot mean to have 2 operating systen installed on the same computer.
    Here is the quick non technical,plain english which I googled and did it myself.
    You first have to partition your drive or just have 2 drives.
    You must have XP installed first,then get the the OEM version of Vista or full version,but not the upgrade version.
    Pop in Vista and it will ask you if you want to replace or create in available drive space,choose create.
    Once installed in that manner avery time you boot up you'll get a choice of XP or Vista...WALLA no more compatability issues.
  17. Try turning off EAX in the sound options of the game. Set sound to low, see if that helps.
  18. Edited - didn't see the OP had already downloaded the dual core optimizer.
  19. Dont run your games on VISTA .. Had the same problems, converted back to xp and they where gone. I have a dual core too
  20. how do you, set up a dual boot? (never actually tried myself), I assume you just set up a partiition and have one OS on each half
  21. That's how I've done it with Vista and XP.
  22. Definintly don't run games on Vista (or ME 2 as we refer to it) but set it up as dual boot. I set it up useing the "upgrade" for Vista and it works fine the only thing you have to make sure you do is on the first screen that asks what type of install make sure you specify a "clean" install; it will ask for your "old" windows disk (i showed it my 98 disk) then put Vista back in and it installed fine in my "D" partition. I don't know if i'm missing anything by doing it this way but I only wanted an install of Vista on one of my machines so I could play with it (so far I have to say it's a bit of a love hate thing) but it does allow you to test hardware and software to find out what does or does'nt work.
  23. It is interesting to me just how bad this new operating system seems to be. I remember XP having problems, but they were mostly compatability problems with old W98 software, not constant driver instability issues this far after the fact. Maybe I'm just remembering wrong though.
  24. Don't recomend a dual boot? Why would you not recommend it? Personaly, I run a triple boot (XP-Pro32, XP-Pro x64, and Vista Ultimate 32) and I have no problems what so ever. I've been dual booting since 98/XP. If it's done right you don't have any problems what so ever.
  25. No your memory serves you corectly. XP had a couple of small driver issues with it, but nothing like Vista is having. It's been said before, and I said it way back in Feb that Vista is the new ME. I just HATE having to have it installed on my machine in order to properly provide tech support for our users who are using it. :(

    XP was, and still is IMHO Microsoft's best OS to date. Well, with the exception of Dos 6.22 and Dos 3.3 :pt1cable:

    If they want Vista to swim, they had damn well better get the collective heads out of their butts and iron out all the big bugs in it. Otherwise, it's going to sink as hard and fast as ME did. Only ME didn't sink as fast as I hoped it would.
  26. Yeah, when a friend says "I've been having a problem with Windows" and you ask "which version of Windows?"

    There's always that reaction when their reply is "Windows Me:"

  27. I'm just hoping to all thats holy the service pack sorts it out
  28. I think you got the same problem as mine, I upgraded to dual core and didn't reinstall windows, and after that the game became choppy. So I reinstall windows, and game was smooth till I installed audio card driver!! I was rather mad and did some search, turns out that some games are not designed with dual core in mind, and depend on some cpu timer for game progress, and because it is dual core and windows switches cores during game play, the game will have 2 different timings and the display will be mess up.

    The temp fix I had (I DON'T play that game often) is, once game starts up, open task manager, select that game process and right click, set Affinety to 1 core, and problem solved :-)

  29. You shouldn't have to turn off anything to play a game. Turning off the sound is not a option. Turn down the setting shouldn't be an option either. If your getting the benny hill effect when your not online then something is wrong in your system. Online it could be your internet connection ,check your upload and down load on a bandwidth test. DSL is bad for gaming. I have played BFS with a athlon 4000+ and an agp nvdea 6600 and held my own. Your system shouldn't have any problem.
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