Wierd Problem :\ help plz

recently bought a new asus a7v333, after having burned my last mobo, cpu (t-bird 950) stayed in tact tho :) phew
BUT there is a problem!!
the system is VERY unstable. now i've tried all sorts of cpu/memory/3d benchmarks in endless loops, NEVER crashed, it only crashes in games, internet-radio (and realplayer/wmp for that manner), hence, only crashes when there is sound.
now, i CAN hear mp3's in winamp, and games do work until a certain point, it doesnt ALWAYS crash when sound comes in, but whenever it crashes, a sound is playing.
so im wondering if this is a problem with the onboard sound on the a7v333, as i dont use a pci/usb soundcard... i use the onboard one.
any1 else ever had a problem like this that turned out to be a sound card? or turned out to be something else?
PLEASE help! :) thanks for any replies.

ps, also, the recording sound (of the mic) is really low

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  1. When you say crash do you mean it just locks up or restarts?
    What kind of case and cooling do you have? My son"s PC would lock up when playing games and it turned out to be a heat issue. You can buy a Sound Blaster Live PCI sound card from NewEgg for about $32. That would give you better sound and relieve some of the strain off the motherboard.
  2. Drivers are the first suspects, go to <A HREF="http://download.asus.com.tw/mb_dl_menu.asp?l1=1&l2=10&l3=18&mid=1" target="_new">Asus Website</A> to download and install the newest c-media audio drivers for your OS. It's also a good idea to get the new 4-in-1 and USB 2.0 drivers. Try to make sure you don't have any remenants of your previous drivers before installing the new ones...

    I wish you luck...

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  3. Sounds like a driver problem. If it was heat, your benchmarks would crash it as well.

    What operating system are you using? Make sure your DirectX is the latest and download the latest sound and video drivers and that should take care of it.

    Also, make sure you have the latest Via 4 in 1 drivers as well.

    Good Luck!

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  4. heat could indeed be the issue, my cpu gets really hot, cuz the vcore voltage wouldnt go below 1.8v! its really annoying, then i set the jumper settings to 1.6-1.7v and in bios set it to 1.7v, now it won't go below 1.75v....
    the default voltage for thunderbird is 1.7v, so it get too hot for nothing!
    also, today i got a new problem, all of the sudden while surfing the web, the pc restarted. when windows booted up again, it restarted THE SECOND windows finished loading...
    then i disabled the onboard sound by using the jumper, restarted, still the pc rebooted the minute windows finished loading.
    i was clueless, tried everything, from another vga card, reincreasing the voltage, then i took the ram out, and put it back in, booted, and windows stayed up
    still hadnt crashed from then, this brings me to suspect the ram.
    its Apacer 256mb pc2700.
    altho the cpu overheating could also be a problem, i really dunno.
    it is a midi tower case with 1 case fan, two 7200rpm hdds so it could get pretty hot i guess, tho i dont experience any bad preformence from the hard drives.
    b4 i did what i did with tehb ram today, i experienced all kinds of crashes, sometimes it would simply restart, sometimes it would show a blue screen telling me ablosutely nothing, except for once when it said something about IRQL less or not valid (something like that)
    so i'm completely without a clue now, just waiting for the next crash... if it wont, this is the wierdest self-fixing problem iv ever had...
    any ideas??
    plz help

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  5. winxp, geforce 4 ti4200
    directx 8.1
    latest nvidia drivers, latest 4in1 drivers from viatech.com...

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  6. just finished writing these, pc restarted again...

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  7. new info which brought the sound card to the top of my suspect list:
    when recording, no matter from which device, mic, line in, cdrom - even from the stereo mix, there is a loud screech.
    you also hear the recorded stuff, but the annoying loud beep is constantly there.
    wtf does that mean?
    also, it wasnt like that b4, it worked fine, today this [-peep-] itself up!

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  8. Wot size power supply do you have, could easily be due to lack of power...

    This is the second time ive said this to someone in 5 minutes... wow :)

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  9. its 300w
    i bought it woth the new mobo too, so it might be defective i dunno..
    but it could be!

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  10. If its a generic no-name cheapie PSU then its quite likely. Generic PSU's can be extreemly crap.
    signs of a poor PSU:
    1. it is very physically light. 1lb or so.
    2. it puts out alot of heat when running
    3. you can hear your fans change speed when running your computer at full load
    4. random crashes, lockups and reboots.
    5. low voltages, especially on the 5v line. (run motherboard monitor to check. anything below 4.8v is worrying)

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