WTB PC2100

Anyone? this is some old ram, i know it for some friends old computers.
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  1. I have 512 of some pc2700(kingston value ram)
  2. NO, its needs to be PC2100 ram its really hard to get hold of, PC2700 is DDR 333 i believe, this is DDR 133
  3. It is backwards compatible
  4. here go to this link and read this....
  5. OK man I found some more ram in my computer goes..
    1-256MB PC2100 Samsung 266mhz
    1-256MB PC2100 Crucial 266mhz
    1-512MB PC2100 Kingston 266mhz
    1-256MB PC2100 Nanya 266Mhz
    1-256MB PC2700 Crucial 333Mhz
    And that other stick of Kingston 512 I had mentioned earlier.
  6. OK, let talk about both PC2100 Kingston sticks of the 512mb kind.. mind snaping some Photos? just so i know your being Legit here.
  7. Man if you just pay for shipping, I am willing to just help a fellow gamer out. They ain't doing nothing but gathering dust here,and Man I was there once too! So they are yours if you just PM with shipping info and pay for the Shipping. Hope this helps out.
  8. NP, but regardless i want your information(address, name,Phone) and pictures of the ram.

    Also do you have paypal?
  9. Yes I have Paypal..and I will send all the other info to u in a PM.
  10. Send it to my E-Mail, be easier, its
  11. ....WOW wont even pay shipping without all his info.... What do you stand to lose...$5?
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