Image Preview: World In Conflict

The real-time strategy genre gets another boost next month with the arrival of World In Conflict. Massive Entertainment's action RTS puts players in a World War III scenario during the Cold War.
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  1. I want base-building, thats was does it for me. Maybe I'm still stuck in Dune :-) but its the resource vs utilisation and so on that is interesting. Just watchin tank go at each other i can do on tv....
  2. I love Dune, one of the best RTS games going.

    Tell me about the waters of your homeland mua-dib!
  3. base building would be awesome, esp if they could find a way to hybrid rts and fps more
  4. Anyone remember Giants: Citizen Kabuto? That was kind of a weird mix of RTS and FPS. That game was just weird overall.
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