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Most of us that run especially Win98SE dread going to the Windows Update Website and getting the suggested updates because some of them always crash your machine, now if you've never ran into this issue then good for you!!! Have a good day and Goodbye, I'm not posting this for a collection of smartass comments, but if you have run into this issue, then the following tip is for you.

<b><font color=green>Get all of your updates, let the download and install complete, but do not allow the Windows Update Website to do the restart of your computer, cancel the request to restart, close the Website, make sure all desktop windows are closed, and restart your computer yourself, it will not crash.</font color=green></b>


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  1. Thanks for the tip. I'm running 2 PC's here with Win98SE. I'll definately give it a shot.
  2. Never had this particular problem per se but good to know that there's always another way to tackle the problem. THX

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  3. Have you tried saving all the updates to CD and installing them from there?

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  4. No I haven't tried that, I've got a broadband connection and can get all the updates in just a few minutes, so I really don't see the need, but if I was still on dial-up I'd definitely take that route.

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  5. Ahh...I am on a blistering 45.2 Kbps dialup. Gotta make me downloads count..heh heh.. One thing that helps is the free Security Update CD that MS sent me...has updates through Feb. 2004 for XP, ME, 2000Pro, 98SE, and 98 which leaves me with not nearly as many to get from their site.

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  6. Does the CD install all the updates as a unit, or do you have to individually install each update?

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  7. Quote:
    Does the CD install all the updates as a unit, or do you have to individually install each update?

    As I recall it is pretty much automatic...detects your OS and starts going to work. Seems like it restarted a time or two (which may still cause you problems as the site does?)

    It also comes with a second CD with a free firewall and AV for a year although I haven't tried either of these. (happy with what I have)

    I've used it on three machines with ME and three with XP and have had no problems so far.

    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> is where to order it and it seems like it took a couple months to get it, however I ordered it before they were produced so delivery times may be quicker now.

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