Gamepad or Gaming Keyboard ???

Okay I am debating on either the fang gamepad or merc gaming keyboard. If anyone has any personal experiences or would even be able to shed some light on the subject it will be greatly appreciated. I have read that the supplied drivers are junk but how are the newer drivers offered on their website?

In truth due to an injury I am in the actual need to use one or the other (I personally dont like the idea of using a joystick or ps2-xboxish controller) and since I will be doing some moderate gaming I believe these will benefit me. I have no clue in which would be a better buy. I would like to keep it between these two products too.

Thank you in advance for anyone willing to take the time to help.
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  1. I own a Z-Board. For the most part it is great, being able to switch out the keysets between standard keyboard and the FPS keyset. Mine is a pretty old PS/2 model, and it has a problem when I slide it up onto the monitor base (limited desk space, and better angle for surfing) where the Z-Board base stops recognizing it, requiring either a reboot or repeated locking/unlocking of the keyset. I have heard the new USB models are better. I would imagine the MERC would be more resistant to this as it doesn't have the changeable keysets. I have used the FANG at a friends, and it is a very solid piece of hardware, Ideazon does make quality products. I would personally get the FANG (and I probably will in the next month or so) over the MERC, only because the FANG would only take up desk space when actually being used.

    I have never had any problems with the software (other than the previously stated issue, but that's more hardware), but I never used the ones on the disc, grabbed the newest off their site first.
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