Madden '08 PC Graphic improvements

Has anyone picked up Madden 08 today?

What can you tell me about it?
Is there any noticable graphic improvements over the 07 verison for the PC?

Is online game play free?
Is online game play good? does the server bump you off at all?
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  1. Who plays Madden on a PC....:::shakes head::::

    Unless....It was Vista compatible and u could plug your xbox controller in. I doub it anyone know ?
  2. Annisman said:
    Who plays Madden on a PC....:::shakes head::::

    Unless....It was Vista compatible and u could plug your xbox controller in. I doub it anyone know ?

    Anyone that doesn't have an additional $450(the game is $50)+ to spend on a PS3 or XBOX360.

    I only wish like you that someone, anyone, would finally make a controller for the PC I mean it's been what a few decades not a single controller for the PC. :sarcastic:
  3. You can plug your XBOX 360 controller in to it. That is what I use. Both Microsoft and Logitech offer XBOX360 USB controllers for the PC. The corded one even has an adaptor that you can plug in to an actual XBOX 360.

    I got the PC version Madden 2007 a few months ago from TARGET for only $9.99. I got to tell you I was really impressed. The graphics on it were better than on my old XBOX. Madden '07 plays flat out awesome with the XBOX 360 controller plugged in to my PC.

    I really don't see the need to pay extra $$ for an XBOX 360 or a PS3. To me it is an unnecessary expense.

    The XBOX 360 & PS3 both have CPUs, GPUs, Ram, Sound cards and everything else that a PC has. If you are reading this post right now then it is very obvious you already have a PC. If you already have a pc why buy a console when you don't have too? I don't think console gaming is really better than a PC.

    For example: My Sapphire x1950GT video card is derived from the same R500 chip as the XBOX360. And it only cost me $139 at the time. That is much cheaper than spending $399 for an XBOX 360 console. And the thing is that once you buy a console the graphics are not going to or improve or get any better until another console comes out about 5-7 years later. Where as with a PC stronger video cards come out annually if not bi-annually in some cases. You can upgrade your graphics at any time. And you can play pretty much the same games on the PC as you can the consoles. RTS games are AWESOME on the PC which is really something you can't play easily on a console.

    I am sticking with the PC. I LOVE PC Gaming. Madden 07 is a lot of fun on the PC.

    I was just wondering if anyone had 08 yet on the PC and how it was.
  4. You can also plug a PS2 controller into your PC using an adapter that can easily be ordered online or purchased from Radio Shack.
  5. That's right. I forgot about that. There is an adaptor out there that will let you plug XBOX, PS2, & gamecube joysticks in to your PC. I am not sure if Radio Shack has the exclusive on that or not.

    However I stick with the XBOX 360 controller for the PC since it is the official controller for GAMES FOR WINDOWS. Plus I just like it. Very comfortable controller.
  6. if you have madden 2005 or higher there is no reason to buy 2008 as its the same exact game with the same graphics. The only difference i noticed between 08 and previous versions is the new kick meter. disappointing game
  7. I think the reason why there is not much improvement is that the PC verison and the XBOX 360 & PS3 verisons run off of totally different gaming engines. It would probably be too expensive for them to tone down the graphics on the 360 verison. I expect they will upgrade the PC verison for Madden 2009. I think it is going to be a GAMES FOR WINDOWS title by next year.

    However I am still buying Madden 08 for PC. I am having a lot of fun with 07.
  8. I can't say i see any difference. But to say it is like 2005 is just plan crazy. Madded 07,08 plays alot better then 05. Logitech rumblepad 2 works just like the one on PS2. And to the guy that says why would you want to play it on PC like it is junk. I have to say who in there right mind would buy PS3 or XBOX 360 ? For $500.00? You pay $20.00 more for every game. FPS are way better on PC, And every other game. I have the 8800 gtx video card and PS3 or XBOX 360 are not even close to how good mine looks and Direcx 10 games are just now coming out. In another year i can upgrade my video card what can you upgrade? Nothing!!! Just wait another 5 years!!!!!LOL And then you have 30% of Xbox360 breaking down. :kaola:
  9. Scubadog....I am in 100% total agreement with you.
  10. I played it at my idiot cousin's house. cheap gamepads, offline. I didn't see any revolutionary improvements over last year. Maybe a bit on the lighting. It was comparable to the ps3 version I got to try out.

    On an ironic note, I got to see Michael Vick get sacked and injured next to the Cleveland Brown's dog pound.
  11. So Madden '08 has Vick as the starter for the Falcons? I wonder if they will release a roster update that will correct that.

    That is funny he got sacked by Cleveland's dog pound in the game you played.

    And I live right outside of Blacksburg, Virginia too. Only 30 minutes from Virginia Tech.
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  13. don't take it to bad i call everyones dum answer dum sh t!!!!
  14. [Delete]
    Learn to capitalize, spell, use context clues and then think about calling people out.
    Oh, be right also. Seven errors in your last post not counting filter evasion.
  15. I think next year's madden is going to have giant improvements.

    Think about it. Microsoft's ex-president / C.E.O. or what ever he was of XBOX360 (Peter Moore) is now the President / C.E.O. of EA Sports.

    If Peter has full control over it I bet he will make Madden 09 a Games for Windows title next year and will upgrade the graphics engine to the XBOX360 level. It would be real easy to do also since the programming between the 360 and windows is very similar. Of course with that the online game play would probably be put through LIVE / XBOX LIVE.
  16. I just got done playing Madden 08 for the first time. I got to say I was expecting more from it. Yes there are some changes. I like the kicking feature better. However the playbook for the teams are pretty much the same. The graphics did not improve an ounce.

    But it is still a lotta, lotta fun.
  17. I was wondering if someone could help me out. I just bought Madden 08 and chose the "XBOX 360 Controller for Windows" and I'm unable to find the "Button Configuration" for Madden 08???? The EA User's Manual doesn't list the button configuration for this controller....

    I thought this would be an easy find on the net, but I'm having some difficulty. Any suggestions or links? Thanks!!

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