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Hey guys, I recently started a craze of RPG completion including Breath Of Fire 4, Neverwinter Nights 2 and Final Fantasy 6 but when i came to play FF7 for PC the game loads up and the music plays but the screen is completely blank. I've tried various XP Patches and setting compatability to 95 and 98 mode but nothing seems to work. I seem to remember it worked on my old rig of a 754 XP2500 and Geforce 6800 but now it doesn't work. Any help or links to sites that would help would be appreciated thanks.


Joel Spencer
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  1. best thing i can think of doing is doing some VMware. try downloading a vmware software, and installing windows 95 on it. it should work through like that.
  2. FF7 for the PC is a difficult beast to make run. First and foremost you'll need the TNT patch, then Quimm's Chocobo patch; you also need Application Compatibility Toolkit 3.0 or more recent (it'll need some particular settings to work).
    Thing is, this game is extremely dependent upon the graphics driver: I know for a fact that any driver past version 56.72 will mess up its textures loading.
    As such, your best chance is to run it in software emulation mode - don't forget to set its affinity on a single CPU if you have a multicore. Also, completely disable anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering. You may use Rivatuner to set up a custom 2x2 antialiasing mode that will make it look much better, but that's for the time when you can actually run it. : ultimate resource on FF for the PC.
  3. I'll give it a try tonight.
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