Any Fighting Games on PC?!!!

Does anyone know anything about fighting games (e.g. SmackDown VS. Raw, Tekken or anything else) on pc. I'm really going to get obsessive about fighting games on pc :cry: .

If there are any, can the names be mentioned?
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  1. Hey,

    I'm really into beat 'em ups but you're right, there's precious little on the PC. The best thing I've yet played was Melty Blood, which is pretty easily available to buy online. It's very much like Guilty Gear (another favourite).

    Hope this helps,

    Cabelo :)
  2. I play Roms, like Killer Instinct and KI Gold (n64). Using my TV hooked up to my PC and wireless controller.
  3. I would really like to see oldies but goodies like Street Fighter 2 on PCs. Yeah, but you are right, there any not many fighting games on PCs. I wish there were more.
  4. Try getting MAME23 you can get a whole bunch of ROMs from old arcade machines. Go for marvel versus capcom (KICK ***) you can try guilty gear too, but it sucks imo.
  5. At first, thanks for your replies.

    Then, aren't any games of this genre going to be released for PC ? I mean because of many reasons like Windows Vista's games that don't need installation as all console games don't and Microsoft supporting this genre more than ever.

  6. PC contolers really don't do well for Fighting games, those are best left up to the consoles. The only thing you can really do for a fix, is look for older games that was released for PCs, and get a 6 button game pad. But you won't find Xbox type controlers for PC and that's the kind you really need for fighting games.
  7. Actually the wired 360 controller does work on the PC, and the wireless if you get the reciever. I don't see fighters ever really embracing the pc, I doubt the developers see there being enough revenue to be had to take the time porting their titles to the PC. While I wouldn't go out of my way to play a fighting game on the PC (I lack skills at fighting games), playing the old arcade fighters is still fun.
  8. I think the best method for getting fighting games on pc is to get emulator software (although technically you have to own the game for it to be legal)
  9. Google "Mugen."

    ...but then again, people either love it or hate it.

    Mugen lets you create your own fighting game, but often you get very unbalanced results between characters created by certain creators.
  10. Fighting game article on the front page of now. That's a bit <i>too</i> convenient...
  11. Street fighter 4 is coming out to the PC.
  12. IK+ on an Amiga emulator....bombe pwnage!
  13. Mugen, 'nuff said.
  14. GG guys, nice bumping.
  15. if you all are looking for fightings check Rumble Fighter it is an online fighting game they have a boss mode that just came out in the us originaly in japan and now in europe, the europe version is in beta i believe but if you lie there then i guess you should download where you are from =/
  16. King of Fighters. Was heavily influenced by the Fatal Fury animes and was reintroduced by a friend when I started playing in arcades.i've found this article about Top 10 Greatest Fighting Games,very cool..
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