BioShock Demo Promises Amazing Game

BioShock finally gets released next Tuesday the 21st for PC and Xbox 360 but we just couldn't wait that long to talk about it. We dove into the recently released 360 demo looking for flaws and came up blessedly short.
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  1. All my XBOX 360 friends have been bragging about how they got the demo first. Hurry the poop up, 2K! I want my PC Demo, dang it!

    I know, however, that Bioshock on my PC will completely pawn them on their SDTVs, lol. Graphic-wise, of course. Gosh, I hope my 8800GTS can handle it! :D

  2. I spent about an hour with the 360 demo and was very impressed. For a title that a week ago was for me a "might get" title, now has been bumped to a "Must get". The atmosphere has a feel like that of Fallout, in the campy 50's esque verson of the future, which only makes me hunger for Fallout 3 all the more. The only question is which format to go for. I know my pc can handle it, but I am swayed towards the 360 mostly due to it's optical digital audio will be far superior to what my SB Live! 5.1 can offer (and there's the achievements). Plus without a DX10 card, should get the same experience my PC would create.
  3. It's coming out on my birthday, i think this will make a nice happy birthday to me present :)

    ... then again i do live in Africa, so I'll lightly only see it on shelves next week :(
  4. Quote:

    The wait is nearly over. At 7 PM EST the BioShock PC demo will go live
    for you to enjoy. We will have exclusive pre-loading at Fileplanet. Set
    your watches for 7 o'clock!

    IMPORTANT: Please be sure to download the latest drivers from
    ATI and Nvidia that will be available Monday for best performance with
    your video cards.

    Time for a real DX10 game. :D
  5. vonwombat said:


    Is Rapture = Bio Shock?
  6. Nice review
  7. the demo is too short to tell if it's good
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