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I recently assembled a computer with a GA-7VRXP motherboard, and once I had downloaded and installed all the most recent drivers (i.e. VIA 4in1 drivers, sound drivers, and USB 2.0 drivers), I still found an unknown device in the device manager. Windows can't detect any drivers for it, or detect the nature of the device. It does list the location of it, however: on the VIA Standard to PCI Bridge. I have disassembled the computer temporarily, so the phrasing of the location may be a bit off. The promise raid chip is disabled in the motherboard, and I'm positive that's not the device. Does anyone know what it could be and how to solve it?

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  1. It sounds like when the upgraded 4in1 drivers were loaded, they did not remove the old drivers first, redo the loading of the 4in1 drivers and completely go through a normal install not the quick install and remove the old drivers, when the old drivers are completely removed restart the machine, after the restart do a reinstall of the 4in1 drivers, that should solve your problem. Ryan

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