For Sale: ASUS Crosshair with processor and 2 vid cards

Hello all,

I have for sale a 5 month old ASUS Crosshair Motherboard.
It's the one with the LEDs on the Board, the LCD Poster display, and all that.
590 SLI chipset with 2 fullspeed x16 pcie slots. One of the BEST am2 boards available.
Also comes with onboard audio riser which worked great.

Processor is an athlonx2 5200+. I ran it at 2860 with no trouble at all on stock voltage and it was always fine.
I am sure it could do 3ghz from others I have seen, but never tried.

Video cards are 2 geforce 8500 gt's with 512m on each.
They are nothing great, but can play most anything with the exception of a game like crysis. (which is a fluke anyway) and they support directx10 features if you have vista. They are also great for a HTPC.
I added really good fans to them to keep them cool which can plug into MOBO and be controlled that way.

Great stuff for a budget PC.

Price for all is 250+ shipping anywhere in US. I will include an antec 650 watt psu for 300+ shipping.
Payment via paypal

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  1. Oh, and if you reply in here, shoot me a PM as well so I know you were interested. I am sure these threads get buried quick in here.
  2. PM sent
  3. This is sold.
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