My girlfriend betrayed me... so i just wanna

my girlfriend betrayed me...
so i just wanna put this terrible gift beside her pillow..

Websit with fake poop deleted

what will you do if this happened on you ..

:lol: :lol:
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  1. I'd mod it into a usb hub and leave it on my desk at work
  2. True story! a girlfriend cheated on me so i put the real thing(dog) under her pillow.
  3. I wouldn't mod that.....
  4. Immature, but if it does relief your anger, then do it.

    If you can still access her car, I suggest park it somewhere where she will receive big parking fines.

    Turn her front garden hose to let water run as often as possible so she pays big water bill.

    If you still have her pictures, copy them and send it back to her (psychologically damaging and not breaking the law).

    Just some dirty tricks I came up in a few minutes for revenge.

    Ok, now no girls will ever date me again.
  5. By the way, how does this related to overclock?

    Lets move this somewhere else. I think options and opinions.
  6. Go ahead and move it Pyree completely out of the upper sections.

    To the OP, if she really betrayed you, I mean really betrayed you, why use fake poop!
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    Seeing as how Politics are today, this seemed an appropriate place to move this to! :lol:
  8. Now that this thread is in the news and leisure section, it gives people the wrong impression that we revenge on our ex for leisure. We are so all going to die old and alone.

    I have to appeal for my innocence.

    Ok, I admire Lord Voldemort and Sheldon Cooper's genius on evilness. But if you know me enough, I am actually a caring and sensitive guy.

    Ladies, check my other post:

    Now, back to the subject of revenge.

    Better do it sooner than later.

    bortaS bIr jablu'DI', reH QaQqu' nay'
  9. I'd get you back but with a real one.
  10. Yaay, Hoshi! :bounce:
  11. When my fiancee cheated on me and we broke up, I unintentionally got her back with a little revenge...

    She had been using my old Earthlink address as her main email for the many years we had been living together, and she had quite the address book of contacts. After we split, I was still receiving a shiite-ton of emails from everyone she knew. So I sent a mass email to her entire contact list, basically saying "After 6 years of being together, being engaged to be married, and at the same time we spent Christmas with my parents receiving expensive jewelry/gifts, my fiancee informed me that she had been cheating on me for 4 months and was ending our relationship. Since this Earthlink email address is my personal account, and my full name is even part of the email address, I would appreciate if all of you would remove this account from your contact list and never send another email to this address again."

    Only one person bothered to respond to it... a deeply religious friend of her's from church. Gave me a god bless and a much sympathies. Heard from the grapevine later that she hadn't told anyone about what was going on, so she got outed from that mass email and some of those people were a little disgusted and stopped all contact with her =p
  12. And did you unsubscribe from Earthlink later therefore delete the email account along with all of the contact and old email there?
  13. Well, I eventually stopped using Earthlink, but not for any reason relating to what happened after the breakup. I just switched to Cox Cable internet service when I moved out of Scottsdale AZ, and having a Cox email address based off your name makes it very easy for friends/family to remember it ;-)
  14. Guys this is spam from where I see it ... but I will leave it minus the link.

    Unless the OP reposts I'll banhammer him shortly.

    Enjoy while it is active.

  15. It's not reynod's fault it's mine I moved it here because I thought it was funny and you guys would enjoy it My Bad!
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  17. OMG it was a thread not easy to spot as spam until you chase down the IP and realise the link is just to get you to hit the site - for obvious reasons.

    I just left it open while I checked but removed the offending link first ... so the rest of you could have a bit of fun with it for a bit.

    Your comments about me are neither appreciated or wanted refrain from insulting me again.

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