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I just dowloaded and played the demo for Bioshock. And I just need to say, it is very fun and quite enjoyable. I have been waiting for this game for a long time. I saw it in a magazine about a year and a half ago, and it actually prompted me make my computer a gaming computer.

Anyway, the point of this is to tell people what frames I get with my hardware, since it seems like a lot of people are curious about Bioshock.

My System:
Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R
E6550@3.41Ghz (cooled by Tuniq Tower)
2Gb GeiL ddr2 800@974
Sapphire x1950pro (628core/776mem)
74 GB Raptor
Antec 900
Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit

With this system, and the max settings the demo would let me do (I'm not sure if it will be different for the real game, because it didn't say anything about AA) and at 1680x1050 resolution, I got a frame rate of about 25 to 30 on average. To me, it didn't seem choppy at all, and it was very playable. And it looks great. Absolutely fantastic.

Now this was obviously without the DX10 features, as I do not have a DX10 capable video card. It said there were "Direct X 10 detail surfaces" that I could have enabled if my video card was capable. I'm not sure if this would increase or decrease performance... but if you have and 8800 series video card, I don't think you'll be having too much trouble with the frames anyway.

Pretty much, I just thought people might want to know how the game runs and my machine, so they might be able to estimate how it will run on theirs. I'm just glad that it was very playable for me. I wanted to get an 8800 series card this summer to make sure I had the best experience (as I have been anticipating this game for a while) but I didn't have the money. I'm pleased that it was very acceptable to me even without this upgrade.

I would definitely recommend Bioshock to anyone. I think this game will be very successful, and I think anyone looking to have some fun should buy it. I know I will.

Thanks for reading,
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  1. It runs pretty decent on my POS:

    Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.20GHz (2 CPUs)
    Memory: 2048MB RAM (PC3200)
    Hard Drive: 120 GB
    Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GS

    I didn't touch any settings, It was set to 1024 x 768 and high. I know alot of people have similar systems to mine on these forums, just wanted to let them know.
  2. I'm curious to know if anyone is running the Bioshock demo on an 8800GTX with any DX10 features enabled especially at 1920x1200, if so what kind of performance do you get?, if its anything like reasonable then this could be the excuse I've been waiting for to upgrade my 7800GT.
  3. Yeah I have an OOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLD system:

    Processor: AMD64 3000+ (1.81GHz)
    Memory: 1028 RAM (400MHz)
    Video Card: Nvidia Geforce 8600GT

    I didn't touch any settings either and I ran 1024 x 768 on high with no slow downs at all and it looked really good but I'm not sure about the FPS.
  4. Its running perfectly on my system @ 1920x1200 :)

    I have Q6600 @ 3.025 Ghz, 4g of DDR2-800 Ram and a x1950xt 256m on Vista Ultimate x64.

    The sounds is also incredible, with an XFI XtremeGamer Fatal1ty and the Klipsch Promedia Ultra 5.1.

    I wasnt sure about the x1950xt running the game at max but its very good, no lag at all.
  5. x2 6000+ (14x214)
    2gb ddr2 800
    asus m2n-e
    bfg 7950 gt oc 256

    playing at 1280x1024 all on high
    24-60 fps
    plays so nice
    looks nice
  6. so articulate.... :P
  7. Im picking my copy up on Friday....

    Specs in Sig....wondering how its going to run at 1680 x 1050
  8. Snail said:
    Im picking my copy up on Friday....

    Specs in Sig....wondering how its going to run at 1680 x 1050

    Well I did it at that resolution with an x1950pro. So I don't think you will be able to do high settings. Especially since mine dropped into the teens a few times. I'm not really sure what you'd get. You would at least have to drop to medium settings. And you might just have to lower the resolution.
  9. "Phyl690

    Its running perfectly on my system @ 1920x1200 "
    Same here everything on max, mind you it should work on my system well.Very nice graphics

    PS is there anyway to save on the demo or no?
  10. I have a e6600 and 8800GTX. It's beautiful! Everything set to high, no DX10 (I'm on XP)

    I only run 1280x1024 thought because I have a 19" lcd.

    I just bought a laptop w/ vista business so I might try and see how Bioshock works on a T7300 and a Geforce Go 8600GT
  11. EDIT: misspost.
  12. I have my Bioshock maxed out on everything running at 1920X1080 with DX10 on my 8800GTS and I get a constant 30FPS on Vista 64. On XP32 I get 40-50FPS. Of course DX10 'eye candy' is shut of in XP so that is where the extra FPS comes from. If I run Vista without DX10 I get the same performance.

    As a side not though, the 30fps seems very smooth and there is no stuttering.
  13. It runs incredibly smooth at 1680x1050, everything maxed with my GTS 320 (2 gigs of ram, Windows XP)

    Edited for PS

    The intro is one of the more impressive things I've ever seen.
  14. 2 questions, does this mean that there will be no more dx10 bitching threads!?!? and also do the 8600's run this game at all effectively?
  15. sirkillalot said:

    Its running perfectly on my system @ 1920x1200 "
    Same here everything on max, mind you it should work on my system well.Very nice graphics

    PS is there anyway to save on the demo or no?

    You can't save. So you have to play the whole thing through. It's fairly short though.
  16. At 1280x1024 it never dropped below 50 with everything up during actual gameplay and ran at 60fps for over 80% of the demo. Res is limited by my monitor :[

    xFx 8800GT 320 XXX edition @ factory overclock
    Asus a8n32 FX 60 @ 3ghz
    2 gigs of A-data 3200 @ 215(x2 430)
    Vigorforce Monsoon II TEC cooler
    Lian Li PC 60B

    XP 32bit with newest nvidia drivers
  17. It is running very nicely in DX10 on my rig, E6600 @3.4Ghz. 8800 GTX, 2 GB Mushkin. 680i.1680x1050 What I want to know is why cant I enable Antialiasing? Also I would like to comment that I'm not overly impressed with DX10 textures, IMO they cut back a little to keep the requirements far from Crysis on the other hand, oh boy.
  18. yadge said:
    And you might just have to lower the resolution.

  19. My performance was pretty slammin' :

    AMD X2 4200+
    1GB PC3200
    Nvidia 8800 GTS 320MB
    Windows XP 64 Bit Edition
    WD160GB 7200HD

    In the demo, with ALL settings maxed out(excluding DX10) at 1280x1024 I averaged about 70-100+ FPS, which is AWESOME! It seems I wont have to make any upgrades or tweaks for this game =P!
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