How should I price this mid-range setup?


my friend's interested in buying my computer off of me, but i dont know how to price it. i added up all the stuff on newegg and it was like $700, but im not sure if i should factor in the fact that he doesnt know anything about building computers, and that ive gone through the trouble of overclocking and whatnot..

coolermaster case
asus p5n-e mobo
ICLIO greatpower 550w psu
e6400 oc'd to 3ghz
2gb ddr2 800 (wintec brand)
8800 GTS 320

run of the mill floppy and cd-r. no harddrives.. i think itd be easiest if we kept of HDDs instead of copying data around..

anyways, what do you guys think?
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  1. Cmon guys, nothin? I'm wanting to sell it sooner than later... please?

  2. Without a monitor or hard drive, that setup is worth maybe $400-500. I never heard of the PSU, so I can't comment on the quality. The CPU is a bit outdated, with the release of the new E8xxx series, not to mention the E6750 or E6850. The video card is bested by a large margin by the 8800 (G92) cards.

    Add up all the current prices on a site like Newegg, then subtract at least 20-40% because its used. I wouldn't charge a friend for overclocking a computer, but thats your call.

    BTW, moving hard drives from one motherboard to another seldom gives good results, even if the OS is the same. There are usually driver and other issues that pop up, with the chance of a windows activation issue.

    You asked, so I'm just keepin' it real. If you really wanna be a friend, then be a friend.
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