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  1. Hi mayurbhalala,

    We're likely going to need some more information in order to help you.
    Have you tried maximizing your window from the icon in the top right corner?

    You can also try using the Magnifier to make the images on your screen appear larger -

    Hope this helps! If neither of these do the trick, please elaborate on your question :)

    Microsoft Windows Outreach
  2. jus right click on desktop>>click on screen resolution>>then select the resolution of ur screen.....u will experience ur windows compitable with ur screen size...

    n if still have prob....or some other elaborate it so that v all can understand it well n help u best...
  3. I think all of us need a bit more information on what you are trying to do. Please let us know.

    If you are referring to using ATI video using HDMI to monitor you have to adjust the setting in the ATI software to make it full screen

    If you want Internet Explorer full screen press "f11"
  4. I used to use a windows XP, and I used to always use the f11 keyboard shortcut to change my current internet explorer window to fullscreen. However, now that I am using a Windows 7 laptop, that shortcut no longer seems to do anything. It might be because I now use Firefox (it seems to work a lot faster) if the shortcut was Internet-explorer specific. I do not know if it is possible for this to be the case. I am not very computer savvy :(.

    If you have any sort of solution, please let me know! Thank you :)
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