I just bought a xbox 360 last night souly for the game SKATE. I bought a ps1 for THPS 1 and now it seems I had to buy a consol again for another skateboarding game. I think this is the best game out right now personally. I'm waiting for WIC and Crysis, (I was really underwhelmed by Bioshock) but this game is absolutly perfect. I couldn't dream a better skate game. The demo is really filling to buy you time till the game comes out and I played it through probably 5 times last night. Being that the PC is better for me for my other types of games I play there is no way it could pull it off for this game. I love it so much, being an old skater and not really skating much anymore, and always playing the tony hawk games the wrong way, (trying to make the game realistic by just doing real tricks and trying to do a real skate line that is possible), I found this game was the game that should have been in competition in the begining. The best game right now (even though it's a demo) period. I can't think of a game that I've been this excited for and happy to play in a long time.
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  1. Has nobody else here tried the demo?
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