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I get a blue screen after i reformat my HD and am loading up windows XP from the CD, it says something like a system error has occured. Now i know the CD is good bc i have installed with it on other machines, i know the HD is new and should be working fine, what can the other problems be? Could it be a mobo issue? or an cpu issue? or an memory issue? it has problems loading certain files from the CD i think.
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  1. Could be any of those items, only way to really know is to start swapping them out 1 by 1 and loading windows each time to see if it still has problems. If it has problems copying files, or finding files during the setup, it could be your cdrom. I've also seen systems have problems copying files during setup when they had a bad stick of RAM.
  2. thanks i will have to try it out this weekend when i have time. working 12-13 hour days doesn't give me the time or energy to mess with it during the week
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