Two Worlds demo is out

Time to tell if the game really is the latest, greatest RPG.

I've checked some boards and some Oblivion fanboys are dogging it already, while most others seemed to enjoy it.
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  1. i have not played it i've heard of the game i check on and saw some image it LOOKS like a average mmorpg to me graphics certainly don't touch the borders to oblivion for sure... Gameplay i will know in about 25 minutes
  2. Ahh ... my timer says 1 hr 40 minutes. You'll be playing before me.

    It's downloading slowly for me.
  3. i got gamespot total acess
  4. STOP downloading it! iT'S CRAP!
  5. Really? That's disappointing.

    I only have 20 min to go so I'll probably finish just to see. What's crap about it?
  6. The graphics looks just average on MAX settings combat is one click one hit with FAKE blood really really FAKE blood. No freedom to kill whoever you want. Few customization options for jsut about ANYTHING!
  7. There is a huge patch for the demo. Maybe I'll download that before I even look at it.
  8. Did I say HUGE patch? lol I misread; it only took a few seconds.

    IMO it's not THAT bad. I was worried when I saw the opening graphics (when it gives you the game menu and pans around from a high angle view); they looked like Oblivion with everything turned down to minimum.

    But the actual game was much better. I set it to 1680x1050 with 4x AA; to my eyes the visuals are fine. They're not the greatest (certainly not as nice as Gothic 3) but if the game is fun they won't bother me at all. And they don't stutter; that's key.

    I only got as far as killing the first two creatures and walking to the town. I'll spend more time with it later.
  9. Well i have the whole game and its fine. :)
    after level 35ish+ its A little to easy to get the best armour and stuff
    Graphics ok-good (7\10) on 1920x1200 maxed out.
    house ridding sucks, monsters easy to kill, im a sword fighter but i use meteorite spell a lot 2 hits they die. :pfff:
    nice long game if u do all the many many quests which is what i like 70+hrs so far for me.
    I agree gothic has better graphics(8.5\10).
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