Benefits of upgrading to win 7?

hi im using xp atm. Was considering upgrading to win 7. What are the benefits of upgrading? I play games, surf the web, watch streaming videos.

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  1. Speed and Performance: This is perhaps the most important reason for upgrading. Windows 7 beats XP in all performance benchmarks.

    Security: Windows 7 will provide much better “out of the box” security than XP, while at the same time cutting down on the annoying UAC prompts that plague Vista.

    Hardware Compatibility: While it should be possible to continue running XP for quite a while, some future devices might not support the older OS.

    Design: Windows 7 features a much more contemporary design scheme, coupled with a huge range of customization options and themes.


  2. My favorite part about Windows 7 is search. I can now quickly find any file no time. The ability to find individual emails is particularly awesome. Couple that with Jump Lists and pinned items on the taskbar and I never find myself dragging windows over and under each other to find something I just had open.

    Jump Lists are a list of items you had recently opened in a particular program that is brought up by a right-click on an application in the taskbar, whether it's "pinned" to it, or otherwise. A list of recent files/websites/media or what have you that have recently been opened by that application pops up, and you select where you want to go from there. For instance, if I have Excel open, but minimized or behind another window, and I want to go straight to a spreadsheet I opened earlier in the day, I right click the Excel icon on the taskbar, and a list of a dozen or so docs that I've recently looked at in Excel pops up for me to select from. It saves time from the old way of having to open up/maximize Excel, then closing windows until I get to the file I want. Works the same way with web browsers, which keeps my million open tabs easy to keep track of.

    Two other things I especially like about Windows 7 are the ease of file sharing with my roommates using HomeGroup (password-protected), as well as switching seamlessly between printers at work and home.

    Windows 7 is pretty much a giant time saver.

    - Jake

    Windows Outreach Team
  3. Also in agreement with jefe2323, the security is much less irritatingly time-invasive than it may have been in Vista. Less prompts = better.
  4. its just awsome, just as reliable imo. and it looks a million times better as well as what they said.
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