Crysis Demo single player 25september

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  1. GOOD! I love Crysis cause it's for PC only for once the kiddyboxes don't get an exclusive. I was quite mad because PC gamers got a Bioshock demo 5 hours before it was actully released/
  2. i have heard its for xbox360 too , isnt it ?
  3. NO. IT. AIN'T. SORRY.

    Anyways sweet!

    Why would you play it on xbox? With that rig... why would you have an xbox lol.
  4. Nope, Cevat has said that the consols just don't have enough memory to run the game, which could be very true. Think about it, PS3 256mb, 360 about 256mb (I'm sure that the vid card would have to have atleast 256mb for the textures) and then the usual system running crysis demos: 2-4GB (lately usually 4), and 768mb vid ram.
  5. to Stemin , well i dont have a XBOX360 and i hate console gaming lol :D , i just heard it somewere
  6. Can't wait for this!! I'm cureus to see if the engine is that efficient so my 8600gt does a decent job at it :)
  7. *drools*... I wish I had a good pc to play this on. Give me $$$... being a college student doesn't earn a lot of money!
  8. I can't wait for the demo :D I'm going to get my new PC 5 days before the demo so that's nice :)
  9. I'm also getting a new pc just for this (and quake wars, and ut3, and sc2), tired of playing bf2 on med/low. Quad core and 8800 ftw! (I hope..)
  10. hah finally!!! i can't wait!!
  11. Looks good... Not really the biggest Far cry fan in the world but I'm looking forward to this.
  12. You hear that Far Cry is now free (legally) for download.
  13. haha, ya on torrents!!
  14. Can't wait for the demo, but more importantly...
    can't wait for the game release!
    Just pre-ordered the Collector's Edition of Crysis!
  15. cole92 said:
    haha, ya on torrents!!

    FarCry is free of download and it's official.
    Also free for download is Rayman Raving Rabbids
    and Prince of Persia (did I spell that right, too lazy to check).

    Crap double post, sorry!!!!!!
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