Just put together new rig, Win7 not installing, please help?!

I've tried installing with 2 different dvds and 1 flash drive. No matter what I'm installing with I get a variety of errors ranging from "uninstall antivirus," "setup cannot continue, you must reinstall," and a couple blue screens.

Sometimes it will finish installation and give a error message after the first restart, sometimes it will blue screen in the middle of "expanding files."

Could this be a HD problem, memory problem or something else? I've tried it with 1 stick or 2 sticks in every slot configuration imaginable.

Here's what I'm running:

CPU: AMD Athlon II X3
RAM: Crucial 4GB ddr3 1333
GPU: onboard hd radeon 4200
PSU: Rosewill 650W
HDD: WD blue caviar 1TB
DVD: Lite-on dvd drive (older)

Any ideas? Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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  1. It sounds like the hardware is not playing nicely together. First, verify the BIOS settings for your RAM are the same as those on the RAM stickers.

    Have you booted to memtest86+ to verify that your RAM work without errors? If not, download the bootable .iso file here (about 1/2 way down the page) , put it on a USB stick or a CD, and boot to that device. Let memtest86+ run all its passes without errors. If you get errors, test one stick of RAM, then test the next, etc. If you cannot compete the tests without errors with your RAM, RMA it for replacement.
  2. How are you trying to install W7 and is it a full or upgrade version?
    What bothers me is "uninstall antivirus," that would indicate the hard drive has a previous instalation on it.
    "Just put together new rig" does that mean you are using a drive from a previous build? if so is it booting succesfully on the new build?
    We need to know if you are trying to upgrade, if so and from what XP, Vista, a 32 bit 0r 64 bit OS and is W7 a 32bit or 64 bit.
    Are you doing a clean install by booting off the dvd, or running from a previous version?
  3. Thanks for all of the help guys, just figured it out though! The HD did have previous installs on it but I formatted it every time. It worked when I tried a 3rd dvd and reset all of the jumpers. Thanks again!
  4. format good for the everyday stuff, WIPE when you really want to destroy all data on a HDD
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