every single game i own crashes on my computer-please help.

i was not sure were to ask this question, since all the games i have tryed to run on my computer crash at seamingly random times. every game i have, cs:s, bf2142, guild wars, garys mod, halo 2, fable, all of them crash to the desktop with a appcrash error around 30 minutes of gameplay normaly, after that first crash the crashes tend to be more frequent. i have tried playing games in vista and xp, reinstled them both, same exact error. i have tested my ram with memtest, and also taken each stick out 1 by 1 no dofference ecept for the fact that 1 stick died =< , ive tryed new psus, nothing, i checked my video card temp it was 50c with fan at 32%, icreased fan to 100% changed nothing. i have all the most up to date drivers, all games are up to date. i dont know what could be wrong. one thing that is weird is that my mobos bios is undetectable by everest.
here is my system specs:

amd 3800+ proc
kn1 lite mobo by ecs
1.5 gigs ram <-one stick magicaly died
sapphire radeon 1600 pro
sound blaster x-fi music
80 gig ide hd
i have both xp and vista

here is a typical crash error:
Faulting application hl2.exe, version, faulting module datacache.dll, version, fault address 0x0000b423.

it allways is the datacache.dll in source games

any help would be greatly appreciated and rewarded with many internets.
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  1. Right I had this problem with my 3500+ and Nforce3 motherboard, I also had this problem with my 3200+ and Nforce2 when I come to think of it. The problem was due to Dual Channel memory, unfortunately because of the speed that the dual channel memory is pumping out at it overloads the CPU bus. It’s a simple fix though, you just need to find the CPU bus timings that are defaulted to T1 and change them to T2.

    There is another fix that I found out before hand, which is changing the memory timings from 200MHz to 166MHz (DDR speed 400MHz down to 333MHz). This fix slows down the memory enough so that the CPU bus is not overloaded but then you are left with slow ram. Either way will slow down your PC but neither is noticeable to gaming or anything else for that fact. Lowering the CPU bus is the best way however.

    Oh by the way you have the same set up as me by the looks of it 4 sticks of 512MB DDR400. If you use only one stick (thus disabling dual channel) your system will boot with both 400MHz and with a CPU bus of T1.
  2. PS: Memtest is ****, use Prime95 for detecting issues.
  3. Hello- I have the exact same problem- except that I have but 1 mem stick. My machine is brand new- arrived yesterday. I updated everything I could think of, but EVERY game (anything halflife/steam/valve; second life) crashes in the same fashion as described above, but no error messages... If the app is windowed, it just crashed with no messages at all, but if its not windowed, I receive the 'blabla has unexpectedly crashed, wanna send a report?' message.
    Sooo I've updated windows, my vid card, and my sound card...I am an artist, so after that...I'm lost. I appreciate your time and help!
  4. yeah i have this same problem. i used to get a blue screen after playing games so i put some thermal compound on and now im getting this when ever i try and play any games. i have no problem doing anything else on my computer tho
  5. sorry to sound like a hopeless layman, but whats the best way to turn down the graphics a bit to ease up the pressure on mem?
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