Limited money, I have unlimited needs, Please HELP

Hi all...This is my problem
I have only limited money to do one thing, either
1)upgrade my CPU to a Core2Duo 6320
2)upgrade my VGA to a 8600GT

What will give me the biggest improvement in my gaming play?? I play COH, Battlefield, Total War series, AWGR etc.

My current specs are
2.6GHz Pentium D 805 (Overclocked to 3GHz)
7600GS 256MB VGA(PCI-E)
1GB DDR2 667 RAM
ASUS 945 Chipset motherboard

REMEMBER- I can only upgrade one...

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  1. Are you sure those two things are priced equally? I don't feel like checking right now but I would have thought the price of a 6700 was around the price of at least a 8800 GTS or something like that.

    I guess I could be wrong. What are the prices of those 2 where you live?
  2. Sorry, it was a typo, it's a E6320.

    Prices are like this E6320 = $200
    8600GT= $180
  3. Upgrade to x1950pro for 130.
  4. sorry, but where I live in we dnt have the x1950pro......
    and here the E6750 is only $240 cos apparantly there are not many mobos which had 1333FSB
  5. imo the 8600 really isn't worth the money, and you would be VASTLY better off waiting and getting an 8800 gts 320 when you get the money (assuming your PSU will survive)
  6. 7600gs is deff crippled, 7900GS(GT,GTX)/7950(GT) are all good choices.
  7. So what you guys are telling me is that upgrading the CPU is not at all effective, when it comes to FPS in games?????
    Wont my 2.6 Pentium D bottlenecking my system...........???
  8. Are you sure that that motherboard can run a dual core C2D? Most older motherboards couldn't.
    There's always two lists with 775 socket mobos, those who can, and those who can't.
  9. Nether of they upgrades you said are a large enugh upgrade for the price imo wait.
  10. To asdasd123123, yes the motherboard does support the C2D, the 6300, 6400, 6600, 6700
    To smokedyou911, I will be selling my existing parts,and right now I can good price if I sell now, say about $100, for the PentiumD and the 7600GS, so the actual cost for me will be about $125
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