HP Pavilion notebook hangs at splash screen

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When I power on my N3150 notebook it gets to the 'Pavilion' splash
screen and goes no further. I haven't added any new hardware. I've
tried removing the battery as well as disconnecting AC power for
several minutes.

Anybody experience the same problem?

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  1. Archived from groups: comp.sys.hp.hardware (More info?)

    "Jeff" <jfuhry@avtron.com> wrote in message
    > I tried the reset button to no avail. It reboots and hangs at the same
    > spot. I hit F2 but can't even get into BIOS setup. After reading some
    > of the posts, I'm skeptical that calling HP support will get me
    > anywhere.

    I would then try the start of the machine with the Windows XP or restore CD
    and see if that will get you going. You make a repair via the Restore
    I would hazard a guess that something is not loading properly and I would
    opt for the full restore back to factory specs.

    HP "Makers of Junk Computers" and "Terrible Support"...But your experience
    may be different.

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