Xbox 360 Controller for Windows (Madden 08)

I was wondering if someone could help me out. I just bought Madden 08 and chose the "XBOX 360 Controller for Windows" and I'm unable to find the "Button Configuration" for Madden 08???? The EA User's Manual doesn't list the button configuration for this controller....

I thought this would be an easy find on the net, but I'm having some difficulty. Any suggestions or links? Thanks!!

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  1. Or maybe a link/copy to the users manual for the XBox version of Madden 08, might help me out???? Anyone???
  2. You should be able to (have to) configure them manually in the game, at least thats how the controller works in the games I play with it, just like setting up any other controller. Haven't tried Madden specifically but I assume it's the same.
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