MSI or gigabyte?

Should i go with the MSI kt3 ultra 2 or gigabyte axp? i need the firewire so if i get MSI i would need to buy a card
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  1. ahh why doesnt; anyone wanna give their opinion on this :(
  2. I bought the MSI KT3Ultra2. It suits my needs- I'm no hardwarephile so I didn't bother with RAID or anything. I've heard bad things about gigabyte, which is why I stayed away from them, but I have no personal experience with their boards. The only problem I have had with my system is the fact that it randomly crashes, and I am 95% sure it is my piece of garbage psu, which I am replacing. Hope this helps.

  3. MSI KT3 Ultra 2

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  4. Im hoping more people respond to this myself, as I'm currently in between buying the MSI KT3 Ultra and the Gigabyte GA-7VRX. I've read quite a few reviews, and these 2 seem to be the best bang for my buck.

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  5. I've seen the MSI KT3 Ultra 2 in action, it has some minor quirks, but it'll run just fine once you figure it out.

    Gigabyte used to be one of the top companies on my list. Lately however, their boards have been unstable.
    Gigabyte GA-7VAXP
    Board Revision: 1.0
    BIOS Version: F4M (22. August 2002)
    Wouldn't even run the XP 2600 it was built to use.
    Granted this was a pre-release board, but boards sent to Tom's Hardware should at least function.

    I won't go Gigabyte until they get their act back together.

    MSI wins this one.

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  6. MSI KT3 Ultra 2.
    Also it’s AMD certified for XP 2800 (166 MHz FSB)

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  7. what about ABIT AT7-max2 ???????

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  8. from <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
    ABIT AT7-max2 US$180
    MSI KT3 Ultra 2 US$82

    If price doesn't matter, I would go with the ABIT for sure.

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